Buying a Wedding Dress and a Leeds Night Out!

This week was kind of jam packed! I moved back to Yorkshire, my mum bought a wedding dress and we visited York to take my little sister to university. During the week we went house hunting and had an unusual lunch out mid-week before finishing with a night out in Leeds.

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The day after I moved back to Yorkshire was one to remember. Yes, my bedroom floor was absolutely covered in 3 years worth of stuff and suitcases filled with clothes but it was also a day of excitement! With my mother, little sister and grandma, we headed to a local boutique and bought my mum a wedding dress. It was all very rushed in the end and totally crazy but she found one she loved. 

She gave us all very strict instructions beforehand to only select long dresses, with lots of lace and that had the tops of her arms covered. Having picked the perfect dress, she wanted to try on one last one "just to see" and fell in love. And didn't have any lace and it had very thin straps. Sold! We celebrated with a little afternoon coffee break before heading off home. 
My sister had moved back to York for university a couple of weeks earlier but she had come back for the weekend, a common occurrence. We ended up driving her back together and staying for the day to help her unpack a little before heading out for lunch at Zizzi's, followed by a lovely walk in the rain to Patisserie Valerie. 

It's a rare occurrence to go out for lunch for me, but we spent a morning house hunting. There are quite a few new housing estates that have opened up nearby and unfortunately they always seem to be closed on my mum's day off. Well, she switched her days this week and we had time to go! I do love how some of the rooms are put together, especially the kid's bedrooms. They always end up impressing me the most somehow. 

Afterwards, we called at a little garden centre for a quick lunch. Not the best and defintely overpriced but it's always nice to not have to cook! 

To end the week, my cousin organised an impromptu Leeds night out. It was actually really nice to see my cousins and Uncle J. It was a very posh restaurant called the Braisserie Blanc but it was a truly lovely setting on the river and they even had live music playing! I'm obsessed with live music and the girl was very sweet. 
I didn't particularly like any of the food that was on offer but luckily that meant my meal was very cheap! I ended up getting bread and french fries and it really was very nice! But while I paid £10, everyone else paid £50 a head. Honestly, I think it's quite ridiculous. 
After a calling in at a couple of very precarious looking bars, watching my 50-odd year old mum embarrassingly dance the night away and party with my mid-20s cousin, downing shots, her fiance convinced her to leave the family behind and head over to the casino.

Admittedly, I love the casino and not so much a bar but she was having fun so I felt a little bad. Nevertheless, we headed to the new casino in Leeds, just a short walk from the bar. It's very glamourous inside and very much modern. The toilets were amazing and it was HUGE. At least compared to the only other casino I had been to. I left very happy after just 3 hours, winning £55 back from my £20 in play. Can we go again?


  1. I think my mum will love looking back on the day she bought her wedding dress!

  2. Aww congratulations on the wedding!

    1. Thank you! I will pass it on to my mum 👰🏼


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