My Top Photo Services!

I think everyone knows I love photography. I've even shared tips on how to take smartphone photos and how to take the perfect selfie. Over the past few years, I've made more of an effort to actually have printed versions of photos that I have taken. I love having digital copies of everything but there is something special about being able to hold onto a physical copy of a photographic memory.

In the last few months especially, I have been using different products and reviewed each of the products I have used. Here are my top album services, with the full reviews attached!

  1. FreePrints - almost completely free, easy and quick but cheaper photo paper (then create your own traditional album).
  2. Chatbooks - cute, pretty and straight from Instagram but quite expensive for the size; as a bonus, nicest customer service! 
  3. Photobooks by FreePrints - free, fast and easy but limited personalisation. 
  4. Saal Digital - incredibly high quality but expensive and advanced technological capabilities needed. 
  5. PhotoBox - large squares straight from Instagram, thick photo paper but slightly blurry finish (then create your own traditional album). 
  6. HP Sprocket - on the go images and very cute idea but very bad quality images. 
Let me know if you use any of them! What is your favourite service?


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