How to: Take the Perfect Selfie!

I think anyone who knows me, knows I love to take selfies, especially as I go out by myself quite a bit. I've always prided myself on taking high quality pictures but since starting my business it's now fundamental and incredibly important. It's how I sell my product!

With that being said, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks that I've learnt along the way. I did share some photography tips before but not selfie specific.

  1. Chin down, camera up: hold your phone high up above you with it at an angle facing down! I learnt this very early on because I think my face can be rather fat. At this angle, it's more flattering at a height slightly above your face.
  2. Lighting: everyone knows lighting is crucial. I've found the perfect location in my flat (the large window) and the farmhouse (the conservatory) that are now my go-to places but if you haven't, walk around the house until you find the best lighting. 
  3. Natural lighting: I think it's always best to use natural lighting and windows are perfect! Make sure you look out, facing the window.
  4. Selfie light: if you really want the perfect picture, invest in lighting. You can either use a simple and cheap, clip on phone selfie light, get a light up case or invest in a ring light
  5. Filters: this may be controversial but I actually haven't used a filter (on anything other than snapchat) since starting my business! That's on both my business accounts and personal accounts because it doesn't show the real you. 
  6. Selfie stick: another easy way to make photo's a little better is to take them from further away and selfie sticks are great to help with that!
  7. Crop: if you don't like something, crop it. A quick point to mention here though is not to crop out too much because it will make the photo blurry. 
  8. Multiple photos: if you ever take a photo with me, you will see I take at least ten very quickly. This way there will be at least one where everyone looks nice and it's not blurry! 
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice: practice makes perfect and it truly does pay off. 
  10. Smile: enjoy taking your selfies! If it feels like a chore, don't do it. If you really enjoy it and smile from the eyes, people will believe in more and invest in you more too.
  11. DSLR: this isn't necessary and it's a bit of a bonus, hence why I'm leaving it until last but if you have the money and want to take high quality pictures, a DSLR is a great way to do it. Get one with a flip around screen and play about with the settings to learn the camera and see which works best for you. 
So I hope that helps! If you want any proof or more examples, head over to my Instagram, there are many! 

Do you have anymore tips to share?


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