VITL: A Personalised Vitamin (Review)

I'm defintely not the healthiest person so when I came across a free trial of VITL, I looked into and decided to give it a go. There wasn't a whole lot to loose so I figured why not.

Who is VITL?
VITL is a company that offers a range of high quality, expertly formulated vitamins for all sorts of different needs and budgets. They are uniquely formulated, high quality supplements, carefully selected to ensure you have the best start to the day, every day
What is VITL?
All the vitamins are sustainably sourced, non GMO and registered with the Vegan Society. They're filler-free so they're absorbed into your system quickly and more effectively. Simply put, VITL products aren't just better for you, they're better for everyone around you and the environment. On top of that, almost all of their packaging is sourced from 100% recycled material and the majority of their products are manufactured in the UK. This keeps transport fuel costs to a minimum making the environmental impact small.

Using advanced diagnostic technology and delivered through a free mobile app, you can create a personalised to you pack of high quality vitamins to get you at your best. By combining this with expert advice they develop personalised nutritional programmes. Formulated supplements have tailored content based on what's best for you. You can also choose what payment plan suits you best and how to receive your programme.

Partnering with doctors, scientists and nutrition experts from leading organisations around the world, VITL ensures the products are of a high quality and are safe. Continued product development, online consultation and incorporating new research ensures that they continue to include the most updated knowledge.

VITL's Aims
VITL's three aims are clear:
  • Simpler For You: easy to use and understand, from completing your consultation to getting vitamins right to your door
  • Better For You: sustainably sourced, non-GMO and filler-free, all of the vitamins are developed from the highest quality ingredients
  • Made For You: supplements developed around your needs plus tailor-made content
My Review
So I went into this trial with a very open mind. When I opened my box up, I was very impressed. Straight up, I love the cute box and the bright yellow colour scheme. I think it's really eye catching and it actually came in useful. If I forgot about taking them, I was easily reminded when I walked past as the bright colour caught me eye. 

Not only that, but I loved that I got a little booklet explaining what each of the tablets were and how they helped my body. I think it's incredibly important to know what you're putting in your body and why it's important for your health. Having a small background in the medical field, I probably know a little more than the general population but I appreciated the basic level and language they used. 

I love the sachets in which the tablets come in! I didn't realise how important it would be to have them separated but it was actually incredibly useful. Not only does each sachet come with all of the 4 tablets, written on the front is the weekdays. It makes it so easy to remember if you've taken your tablets that day or not. 

I felt much more energised throughout the day and I personally preferred taking them in the morning. I defintely think that they are big tablets so I did need to drink a lot of water to wash them down. In a way it forced me to drink more water so it was probably a good thing! The tablets do seem to have quite a smell which wasn't my favourite but I did eventually get used to them. 

Overall, I really liked them. I defintely think they are one of my favourite vitamin products that I've tried. I love how easy they are to store, keep and take but the reason these products speak to me, more so than others, is because of the company themselves. I love the mindset that they pride themselves on, I love that they have scientists on hand for a personalised approach and I love their 3 aims: "simple, better and made" for you. 

Free Sample
If you want to try your own VITL product, use my promo code 'hansla1000' to get a 2 week free trial worth £20!

  1. Visit the VITL website 
  2. Click on "Products"
  3. Click on "Have a Promo Code" and a box will appear
  4. Type in 'hansla1000' and you will automatically be redirected to the basket for your free trial

Click here to watch the video or see below!


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