How To: Change Blog Address to a Custom Domain!

I've wanted to switch my blog from a blogspot address to a custom domain for a long time but I couldn't find how to do it easily and I didn't have the time to learn. I finally had the time to sit down and do it, and surprisingly, it's quite easy!

I thought today I would quickly share my top tips for how to do it quickly and easily.

I am describing instructions from how to change from a Blogger address to a custom domain bought through GoDaddy. Other's may be different.

  1. Sign into your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Basic
  4. Go to Publishing
  5. Under Publishing click on Set up a 3rd party URL for your blog.
  6. Type in your bought URL including the www. 
  7. Click Save
  8. An error will appear with two CNAMEs.
  9. Sign into your GoDaddy account.
  10. On the drop down menu, click on My Products
  11. Go to Domains
  12. Click on DNS next to the domain you wish to set up. 
  13. Go to Records
  14. Delete all the existing CNAME entries by clicking on the pencil then the trash can. I had 3. 
  15. Enter the CNAMEs provided in the error message and click Save.
  16. Go back to step 6 and press Save again. 
  17. Success! 
NB: If you get an error message again, you will need to contact GoDaddy directly. 

I love having my custom domain because it makes me feel so much more professional!


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