Rough Night (Review)

Rough Night is a film about Jess, a sharp young woman running for office, who is joined by her former college roommates for a weekend bachelorette party in Miami. It all starts out looking like a typical let’s-get-buzzed-and-bring-on-the-male-stripper raunch-fest … until that stripper dies after hitting his head hard on marble when an over-excited Alice jumps him.

It's already funny before the actual drama happened because of the split between the two parties. While Jess is having a crazy night out, her fiance is having the most sedate and mild bachelor party in history.

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Having not watched the trailer myself before seeing this film I was completely shocked. I saw adverts on posters and social media but not really what it was about. However, I love Scarlett and watch almost everything she's in so I thought this comedy would be a perfect relaxing watch. I came with the mindset that it was a comedy about the drunk shenanigans that go on, on a hen's party. Not including all the things that can lead to life in prison! 
Instead of calling the police like any normal person, the film continues to show blood freely flowing from the strippers head and the girls attempt to dispose of the body for the rest of the story. 
With all the drama going on, it's easy to miss the message behind some of the phrases. Jess' made of honour is very much obsessive over her and wants her attention 24/7. In some ways it's nice but then the fallout backlash comes and all the truth and honesty from the last few years comes out. Think Skype and Bridal Showers...

Meanwhile, on the other side of America, the fiance thinks the wedding of his dream is falling apart and he's loosing the love of his life. Convinced by his mates, he ends up going on a road trip with only adult nappies, energy drinks and outdated pills. Expect the unexpected and the un-smoothest of roadtrips as he fails to succeed at even the simplest of tasks. 
I almost forgot about the most bizarre addition of the very sensual next door neighbours who's camera's record the whole thing. In an attempt to delete the footage, on of the hen's ends up having the organsm of a lifetime on the beach. 
In reality, the film is all very strange and very random but hilarious to watch. Somehow the cast manages to save the film's ridiculousness. In a way it reminds me of watching a horror film. Everytime they do something, deep down you scream at them no, to stop, don't go in...yet they do it anyway because there wouldn't be a film otherwise. 
Deep down despite it's ridiculousness and nonsense plot, I enjoyed it. I laughed and I could easily watch it again. I think the cast had an incredible time and perfect connection. 
I actually thought the ending was kind of beautifully perfect despite the plot holes. It wraps up the film nicely and everyone likes a film with a happy ending so it was nice that everyone get their happy ending although not entirely how I expected them to.

Have you seen this film? What did you think?