My Top 5 Disney Movies!

When I think back to my childhood and all the memories that I made, one thing stands clear: Disney movies! Today, I thought I'd share my top 5!
I can't even begin to tell you how hard this was to narrow down and I am still totally torn. Not only do Disney have so many amazing animated ones from my childhood but also all the recent live action versions and so many other, non-fairy tale films too!
  1. The Little Mermaid: This will forever be my favourite Disney movie. I love how magical it all is with mermaids and love. Watching it recently with my niece, I didn't realise how scary it is! But I think from a slightly older perspective, it's interesting to rewatch it and realise how true it is to real life where love isn't always easy but sometimes the hard work in a relationship pays off. 
  2. Cinderella: I think anyone who knows me, knows I am a true romantic so how can I not have Cinderella! Plus, who doesn't love the little mice? Gus Gus!
  3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie: The movie that made in fall in love with a show and a woman. Hilary Duff blew my mind in this and started my obsession with her, my first ever woman crush. Forever and always my favourite actress. 
  4. Tangled: Oh I just love this film. It's an odd one because it's an animated movie and a new take on Rapunzel. I actually really liked all the catchy songs and loved the lantern scene, making this movie on of my Top 5! Did you know the writers incorporated the quirky personalities of actresses Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman and Amy Poehler into the lead character?
  5. Hannah Montana: The Movie: Since watching this, I have now seen every single episode of Hannah Montana but at the time, I was never really into it. I didn't particularly like Hannah's songs but Miley's were amazing. After watching it for the first time, I ended up loving them both! I may still know the dance moves and all the lyrics...
What are your favourite Disney movies?

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