What's in my Bag?!

I have never written a post about what's in my bag and I thought it as about time that I did!

My favourite bag that I use most days is this small navy bag from TK Maxx, the perfect cheap alternative to any high end bag. I love it because it's small and compact but it can actually fit a surprisingly amount and a large sheer volume of stuff in. I love that it has so many pockets and compartments allowing division of sections to keep items separated.
In the front third is one big pocket. Here I keep an umbrella and my sunglasses on hand at all time. I also keep a bag full of important goodies. In here, I have a hand sanitiser, a pack of chewing gum, a couple of plasters and a small nail file. I call it my emergency bag!

In the middle section, I usually have a cardigan in if I'm not already wearing one. My most loved cardigan fits in easily. I also keep a bottle of water always and my purse. If I'm going out for a long day, I tend to take some snacks or a packed lunch for later too.

The back third is my electricals area. Here I keep my phone, headphones, camera and portable charger. It also has a zip compartment where I keep my LipSense Lip Gloss - Glossy Gloss, my LipSense Lip Colour of the day plus my LipSense Moisturising Lip Balm.

All in all, I manage to keep everything I need on a regular basis on hand at all times and I love it!

What do you keep in your bag?


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