Minimalism: Bathroom

Following on from last week's post, I couldn't help myself but continue decluttering, cleaning and minimalising the house. Given that I live with my mother, there isn't actually that much space that is 'mine' but the bathroom is one of those areas that is partially mine.

I share the downstairs bathroom with my sister and while we are now both at university, the cupboards have barely been touched in years. We each have a shelf, a drawer and a cupboard and then I have a basket whereas my sister has an extra cupboard and a smaller basket.

Like my bedroom, I unfortunately didn't take any pictures before so click here to watch the video or see below.

I'm really pleased with how everything turned out. After emptying all the spaces and cleaning everywhere, I began by tidying up all the display products and Jessica's area.

My drawer now home two of my electricals, my epilator and my pedi-egg. On top of that, I have my toothpaste for easy access and those important tools that need to be on hand: tweezers, scissors and dental floss.

My cupboard contains all my bath products for those times when I actually find time to get some R+R along with spare products for when mine run out. On top of that, given that I travel fairly often, since my parents got divorced, I have always had a travel wash bag packed with travel size toiletries on hand. Importantly, I have that on one of my shelves.

My basket housed a heck of a lot of products that were outdated or no longer used so I threw out a couple of plastic bags worth of products. It always makes me so sad to throw things away - I have a pretty massive hoarder heart - but it's totally worth it for my OCD nature, in terms of organisation. It now simply contains an assortment of wash bags ready for holiday. My front one contains all my sanitary pads - I'm a girl, get over it - and a second one had daily pads in, while the others are all currently empty!

Given that the bathroom is relatively small with limited storage, it didn't take too long to finish and it wasn't all that hard to do. Unlike my bedroom, I didn't sweat and I finished much earlier!

Click here to watch the vlog!

What room shall I do next?