Minimalism: Bedroom

I've been a long time follower of Sarah from This Mama Life and a couple of months ago she shared a number of different videos of her minimalising different rooms in her house. Now that I'm going to be living with my mum, I don't have all that much space that is "mine" which I can organise and declutter so I won't be doing too many of these posts but I wanted to do a couple. 

Given all the changes going on in my life, I also felt I needed to change my childhood bedroom because I haven't really been there properly, full time for over 3 years and I haven't gone through everything for even longer than that. 

The first thing I wanted to do was my bedroom! I would say that my bedroom is pretty big and has a lot of storage space but with that, comes a lot of clutter. Unfortunately, I didn't decide that I wanted to do a blog post for this minimalism process until after the fact so I didn't take any before pictures but trust me, it was insane. Every single space was jam packed full of crap that I hardly used and I had even more stuff that was about to come in. 

I started by going through all my clothes. My middle wardrobe is where I keep my hanging clothes and shoes; my third wardrobe has three drawers for holiday clothes, trousers and tops; my dressing table has 6 drawers but only 3 I use for clothes: underwear, pyjamas and socks. I went through all of them and completely emptied them all. I threw away everything that was too small, too big or damaged and split it into rubbish or donate bags, only keeping the clothes I still wore. 

My next task was my rolling drawer unit. I am quite an organised person so most drawers were for specific things but there was a lot of rubbish in there and even more things that I didn't use at all. I threw a lot of things away and ended up having just half the drawers full at the end, with specific purposes for each. The other drawers are now going to be used for my LipSense business. 
Moving onto my dressing table. I finished the other three drawers. My top drawer has all my makeup and deodorants so I threw out everything I no longer/have never used and cleaned everything to make it look neat and tidy. The second drawer has spare bedsheets which stayed in there and the final drawer used to contain hair accessories but I've moved that out and now have all my camera equipment and electrical chargers in. 
Now, the other two wardrobes were a complete disaster. They were pilled top to bottom with stuff and so I've thrown away loads of my hoardings. In the third wardrobe I took out everything and now (other than clothes) I just have my DVDs, spare coathangers and my filing cabinet. 

The end wardrobe now has lots of space for my university flat to be moved back. On the top are empty boxes which will be filled with university items and the left side has space to put it all. The bottom shelf has childhood toys I can't bare the thought of parting with, the second shelf has all my handbags and bags and the top shelf has all my photo albums, memory boxes and samples. I really do need to use them up so over the rest of the year, I'm hoping to empty that basket. 
I also switched up and changed all the display items. The dressing table now hosts my TV, jewellery box and nail unit. The drawer unit now has a beautiful picture, candle and some boxes from BirchBox to store LipSense Lip Colours. I also switched and updated the pictures on display on the side of my wardrobe so it almost feels like a new room! 

Click here to see the vlog. Part 1 and Part 2!

Do you need to de-clutter?