MONQ: Personal Diffuser! (Review)

OKBaby's Kyra, a vlogger that I follow on YouTube, has been loving MONQ recently and after entering a competition she shared on Instagram, I couldn't get them out of my head! I finally took the leap and bought a couple for myself and I fell in love.

MONQ is a company that offers a unique product that I've never seen anywhere else. Unlike topical oils or household diffusers, MONQ is enhanced for convenience in the modern age. They offer the most direct form of aromatherapy with their MONQ Personal Diffuser allowing you to exhale therapeutic air wherever you are. This method allows immediate access to the therapeutic air, allowing the ancient wellness art of aromatherapy.

MONQ uses 100% naturally extracted and organic essential oils, harvested from eco-friendly farms across the world. Their essential oils are the highest quality, so that every breath is effective. Safety is their top priority so out of caution they recommend only people over 18 years of age should use them.

With 7 blends based on emotions and 3 blends based on forest therapy, plus more, there are unlimited options available! You can design a package that would suit your needs and desires in a tailor made product.

I purchased the happy blend and the sleepy blend. I found both of these helped me for the functions they were designed for.

Being slightly stressed, I wanted the happy blend to be more relaxed and enjoyable. I found that while it helped a little, I actually simply enjoyed the relaxation associated with meditation and the deep breathing exercises.

However, sleepy I loved! I've been struggling with sleeping for a couple months now. It takes me a long time to get to sleep and then I can only sleep for about 3 hour bursts. Well, the first night I used this, I fell asleep in a little less time but most importantly, I slept for 10 hours straight! I now swear by it.

I am really pleased with my purchase and think that these work wonderfully for their specific purposes. I really love the sleek design as I think it looks very simple and modern. I love that they fit everywhere because they are so small but the perfect lightweight size for use. They are really easy to use and I loved that there are videos on their website for ease of access.

If you like the sound of these, I actually have a unique code that gets you a discount so head over and purchase your own today by clicking here!


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