How To: (Updated) YouTube Thumbnails

Who's noticed a change in my YouTube thumbnails recently?! Well I did change them and I wasn't very happy! A couple of weeks ago, I went to my usual thumbnail maker programme, PicMonkey, and it would no longer let me save the thumbnail unless I had a paid account. Now you can have a free 7-day trial but seriously how annoying!

I started playing around with some other programmes and I came across Canva. Without a doubt, out of all the sites I tried, this is above and beyond my favourite! I think it's super easy to use and fun to actually play about with and learn.

I'm still not 100% happy with the thumbnails but I am defintely enjoying it! I do however think they look cute, attractive and professional. I love, love LOVE that Canva have 'YouTube Thumbnails' as an option which means the size is already saved, saving so much time!
One of my favourite things about the site is that when you log into your account, you can see your previous creations. This makes it so easy to keep my thumbnails consistent and in tune with my brand. I literally just have to change the title, background and text colour which makes it a fairly quick process.

Side note: Have you noticed the channel name change? Since getting my own domain for the blog, I thought it would be nice to make it flow the same. I'm also adding it to my thumbnails which I love!

The only thing I don't like about Canva is the range of colours. The options are quite limited which is a slight shame as I can't always get the exact shade I want, but nevertheless, there is a variety of options.

I did want to mention that PicMonkey is still available for free on the app but the quality is really not great (see thumbnail options below). Also, it gets compressed so when on a large image view, it's blurry. My least favourite thing is that it has to therefore be done on my phone which I don't particularly like. I like my phone for personal use and business related, aka blog or YouTube work, tends to be done on my laptop.
Do you like my new thumbnails?


  1. I was so mad when I couldn't use my original site but I love the look of my new thumbnails!


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