Blogtember 2017 Announcement!

With so many changes happening in my life and a massive change in my blog - for the better! - I have decided to do Blogtember!

Blogtember is a blog post every day of September and while I've never done it before I have done Blogust (August) and Blogmas (Christmas Countdown).

Honestly, I love blogging. I love writing down my thoughts, opinions and feeling because I find it very therapeutic. In a way it's my little area of safety. Somehow I managed to write over 30 posts in the space of a week so they are all already and scheduled to go.

From reviews, to life updates, to how tos, to sharing products. I have it all! Be ready for blog posts every day at 5pm GMT.

I also have 2 other bloggers who are joining this Blogtember adventure with me so go say hey!