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Uni Room Tour + Decorations

On Saturday I moved into my university accommodation for my second year at university.

The room itself is dark beige and white and with my blue accents; the bathroom en-suite is yellow and white with a little pink and blue with my extras.

Starting with the bedroom:


And finally the bathroom:

The 100 Trilogy (Review)

I know that there are three separate books with almost separate storylines but as I read them immediately after one another it made more sense for me to group them together. For those who haven't read the previous novel(s) to the one I discuss, there may be some spoilers...or, depending on how you look at it.

Having fallen completely and totally in love with TV series, I expected nothing less than to do the exact same thing with the book series. I wasn't wrong but I was surprised by how much they changed the storyline for the TV series.

For starters, the main character of Clarke's mum was dead. She was 'floated' at the same time as Clarke's dad. Abigail Griffin is one of the main characters in the show and a key character for all the going-on's on The Arc. She seemed in control of everything; she was fundamental in how the ship was run and keeping society alive. Not only in her role as a doctor but in the council, she gave people someone to rely on and trus…

How To: Evening Make-Up!

After posting my day make-up people asked how I change that into an evening look. Well...I do almost the same make-up for daytime as I do for an evening with just a little extra glam. Instead of repeating myself, click here for my natural make-up look which we will then add to. I like to get ready quickly and I usually can't be bothered with all the extra things so...

For an evening look like:

Do the same routine as the natural day make-up look linked above, except for 2 things. First, add a primer base after the moisturiser. I use 'BareMineral Prime Time Foundation Primer'. Then add in 'BareMinerals Mineral Veil in Original' layer before the blusher. This helps prevent a shiny look and creates a flawless finish when in flash photography...supposedly!

Then add an eye-shadow primer. I use 'Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion' in Eden. Eden gives it a colour but for no colour and just a crease-proof primer get the Original. A quick tip is to wait for it to d…

Everest (Review)

A movie based on a true story about the 1996 Mount Everest disaster: the catastrophic blizzard that claimed the lives of eight climbers and guides on the world’s mightiest peak in 1996.

The competition at base camp is as high as it's ever been, creating tension and difficulties for all  parties involved. The two main groups are Adventure Consultants, led by Rob, and Mountain Madness, led by the uber competitive Scott. In the craziness of the masses, ropes are left unsecured and ladders wobbly and the confusion that follows, delays and risks lives.

The film starts with Rob leaving his pregnant wife and fellow climber, Jan, at home. Rob and the team fly out to Nepal to meet with their clients, who have each paid £65,000 to get to the summit. It's a mixed bag of people: Doug who has once been close to summitting before and is a mail man in his life; Beck who has 10 years climbing experience and is adamant he will achieve this goal; Yasuko who has climbed 6 of the 7 summits and wa…

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Review)

INTRO: If you haven't seen the trailer click here or here.

After the last movie left off on such a cliffhanger, I think this sequel was highly anticipated. I was certainly so excited and I wasn't disappointed. The Maze Runner left off with the survivors being supposedly rescued by a rival group of WCKD (wicked) and thrown onto a helicopter. Everyone was left screaming ‘NO!’ but alas, that was where it ended.

Coming out of the cinema I felt it was amazing but reflecting back, compared to the first movie that was always on the go, I guess it was a slow point in the trilogy. In a way, they had to set the background for the next movie and explain how they got to that stage. I think the third will be the most action packed. It's yet to be announced it is being split so I only hope it will not be.

I was really impressed by the effects. Both the scientific special effects and all the zombie effects were sublime. The chases with the zombies were sublime especially the one falling…

The Maze Runner (Review)

I know it's extremely late but I thought to celebrate The Scorch Trials coming out today I would finally write this well overdue review of one of my favourite movies. I have now watched this movie...8 times? Clearly this isn't a first impressions as most of my reviews are but an eight impression but let's just think of it the same way ;)

I love this movie and I can't quite believe that it hasn't been recognised more. The movie begins straight off the bat with action immediately. It sets the fast pace for the rest of the movie and there really is not a slow moment. 
From Thomas entering the maze, he immediately makes enemies and then his curiosity gets the better of him, leading to him breaking the rules. This only leads to more hatred even though he saves lives. The twist comes when the all-boy village is ambushed by a girl, Teresa, who seemingly remembers Thomas. From there, everything the boys knew about the world they live in changes. It's a desperate strug…

Trainwreck (Review)

It begins showing the scene that made the trailer. A dad talks to his two young daughters about divorcing their mother. He explains by reasoning that his affair was due to mankind is not meant to be monogamous. Yeah, 2 little girls and their first lesson of love. 23 years later and Amy sticks to his rule by completing one night stand after one night stand while her younger sister is married with a child. She is a writer for a man's magazine and the plot leads her to interview a sports doctor, Aaron. 

It's hilarious! One man, she tries to get him to talk dirty to and then suddenly he starts talking about health kick stuff like green juice and protein powder. When she tells him to stop he begins with NIKE slogan and then she changes tactics to romantic. He begins telling her the first time he saw her and it seems to be going well! Until...he says she looked like a man from behind and then he comes in an intensive orgasm. The first sign he's gay! 
Clearly the movie involves …

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter (Review) / Exclusive Pages

I'm not an addicted fan of Louise Pentland, or her YouTube name of SprinkleOfGlitter, but nevertheless I have watched a number of her videos and seen her in other YouTubers'. I thing she seems genuine and down-to-earth. Compared to all the super skinny YouTubers, she's the one most people can relate to.

When I was on Amazon buying I can't remember what, her book came up as recommended and when I saw the special offer price of £2.99 I felt I couldn't refuse. With all Prime products, it was swiftly delivered the next day.

Having not looked into it, I was expecting it to be a biography but I was wrong...deeply wrong. Not only was there very little personal stories. Instead it was almost a survival guide.

It is very much a Louise written self-help book. You can sense where she wrote and how she was feeling at the time. You can tell she was passionate about the things she choose to put in and it's nice to read in her voice.

There are chapters on: Beauty, Partying, S…

My Skincare Routine! / Acne Prone Skin

I was going to do this as a 2 part series for both the morning and evening but then I realised that my morning routine consisted on basically nothing, so here is my evening routine with a mention of my morning routine!

To start, I put my hair up in a high bun and wear a hair band to keep all my hair off of my face.

My evening routine begins with taking off my make-up. I have acne prone skin so my skin care routine is important to me and as such I like to use as few a products as possible.

I use lukewarm water to wet my face and then use my 'Make-up Eraser' flannel. A flannel works just as well but the specialised one is just slightly more gentle and doesn't break open my acne if it's inflamed. Pictured is just a normal flannel because my 'Make-up Eraser' was in the wash at the time.

Then I use my Clinique Face Wash 'Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam'. It is a little pricey of a product but 1 pump is all it takes to do my whole face, twice a day; each big bo…

Conquering Chaos by Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra (Review)

A strange read to say the least. I found it odd that they wrote the book together but given the time they've been together, they've become an almost package deal on the Teen Mom scene. Unlike the other girls on Teen Mom, Cate and Tyler are in a stable relationship and have been together the entire time. Yes they may have had a few arguments and a number of extreme ones, even causing Tyler to call off their engagement for a brief time but they're together so writing it together I guess made sense.

The way it is written is in first person, but split between Catelynn and then Tyler writing. They continuously switch off with one another but sticking to the same topics. They stick to chronological order which is great because I hate books that jump around and come back on themselves.

It's crazy how even before they knew each other, they both went through very similar experiences growing up in regards to living in trailer parks and having one parent consistent and the other…