My Skincare Routine! / Acne Prone Skin

I was going to do this as a 2 part series for both the morning and evening but then I realised that my morning routine consisted on basically nothing, so here is my evening routine with a mention of my morning routine!

To start, I put my hair up in a high bun and wear a hair band to keep all my hair off of my face.

My evening routine begins with taking off my make-up. I have acne prone skin so my skin care routine is important to me and as such I like to use as few a products as possible.

I use lukewarm water to wet my face and then use my 'Make-up Eraser' flannel. A flannel works just as well but the specialised one is just slightly more gentle and doesn't break open my acne if it's inflamed. Pictured is just a normal flannel because my 'Make-up Eraser' was in the wash at the time.

Then I use my Clinique Face Wash 'Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam'. It is a little pricey of a product but 1 pump is all it takes to do my whole face, twice a day; each big bottle lasts around 4 months. I massage this gently into my face with my finger tips.

Then I use my Vanity Planet 'Spin for Perfect Skin' and gently go over my whole face in circular motions. Mine also came with a denser brush called the exfoliating brush but it actually caused me to break out more because I think it was too harsh on my sensitive skin, the body brush which I've used a few times in the bath and the pumice stone which is great on the heels of my feet.
TIP: Vanity Planet often have 70% discounts which makes the products far more affordable so wait!

Finally, I use the lukewarm water to remove the product from my face and rinse off the brush on the skin system.

Time for my teeth to get cleaned! I use cold water to wet my toothbrush both before and after! I have the 'Philips Sonicare EasyClean' electric toothbrush and pair this with Colgate Whitening toothpaste, it varies on which. Afterwards, I splash my whole face with ice cold water. I don't know where I heard it from but it makes sense to me, the cold water contracts the pores so makes them reduce in size. Similarly, hot water opens pores. I also find it refreshing so double win!

After I've dried my face, I use a toner from Lush called 'Eau Roma Water' and a cotton wool pad to go over my entire face. 3 squirts on the pad lasts the whole face. Make sure to only go over the same area once, there's no point putting the dirt back into the pores you've just unclogged. This also helps remove any lasting make-up you may have.

Finally, I put on my night creams. Because I have acne, I have a number of prescription based medications so I don't use a moisturiser at night time.

I begin applying my Epiduo onto all the mild acne that I have on my face. A pea size drop allows a thin layer over the area to be applied. Then a put on Zineryt onto the angry acne, that's either red and inflamed and just like urgh!

After those, I apply Sudocrem to the acne scars that I have or recently deceased spots :') The final product is Vaseline! I apply Vaseline to my lips always to keep them moisturised and then any dry patches that I have. Recently, after going on holiday it's been my nose and my chin.

For those who don't have bad acne and just the odd spot, in other words, no dermatologist or prescription medicines the Clinique Acne Solutions range continues to cover more products. They recommend the 3 step process using the 'Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion' which is like a toner and the 'Acne Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment' which is like a weaker form of my Differin pump.


Once a week I put on a mask. I use the Lush mask called 'Mask of Magnaminity'. I like this because it smells divine, it's self-preserving so it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge and also when you remove it, it gently exfoliates so dual-purpose as well as clearing pores.

Every three days I also use Clinique's 'Exfoliating Scrub' after the face wash just to make my skin feel smoother and to gently unclog pores even more. Because of the way my skin is, I don't like to do it any more than that but depending on your skin, you may find it helps. When I do, I definitely notice that the skin is smoother and my make-up goes on much smoother.


For my morning routine I do the same face wash in the shower using my fingers only - I have a shower every morning - and then once I'm out, I brush my teeth.


After writing this post, I decided to record a video of my routine because I thought it would be easier to visualise and follow along. It's about 3 and a half minutes long so will only take a few minutes to watch. The raw footage was about 12 minutes long so it's a quick and easy routine for those people always in a rush! Enjoy and let me know what you think :)


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    1. Thank you! I am in the process of sharing my acne journey so please feel free enjoy them too!


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