How To: Evening Make-Up!

After posting my day make-up people asked how I change that into an evening look. Well...I do almost the same make-up for daytime as I do for an evening with just a little extra glam. Instead of repeating myself, click here for my natural make-up look which we will then add to. I like to get ready quickly and I usually can't be bothered with all the extra things so...

For an evening look like:

Do the same routine as the natural day make-up look linked above, except for 2 things. First, add a primer base after the moisturiser. I use 'BareMineral Prime Time Foundation Primer'. Then add in 'BareMinerals Mineral Veil in Original' layer before the blusher. This helps prevent a shiny look and creates a flawless finish when in flash photography...supposedly!

Then add an eye-shadow primer. I use 'Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion' in Eden. Eden gives it a colour but for no colour and just a crease-proof primer get the Original. A quick tip is to wait for it to dry before applying any more. I put this on using the 'Urban Decay Eye Shadow brush' (I can't seem to find a link to the actual brush but this is close).

Then pick your eyeshadow. I'm no expert in make-up so I like to keep the technique really simple. I use my finger and then add a 'Urban Decay Moondust Eye Shadow' with my finger tip. I have it in both Glitter Rock which is pink (pictured above) and Space Cowboy (pictured below) which goes with literally everything.

Then add your eye-shadow highlighter to help open your eyes up. I use the lightest colour on the 'Urban Decay Naked Palette' called Virgin. Put a dot in the corner of your eye and brush it underneath the arch of your eyebrow. Recently, I've also liked putting a quick brush stroke underneath my eyes to brighten any dark patches I have and it also helps to quickly brush away any eye shadow fallout.

Final touches for the eyes include Mascara and if you use an eye pencil than that too. I rarely use either, but when I use mascara I use the 'Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara'.

Final difference for the evening look is the lips. Now I used to just add a gloss or lip balm but now I've started to use lipsticks and my favourite new product, Glitter Lips! I've already done a tutorial post on how to do these lips so click here!

And that's the finished look! Hope you enjoyed this post and if in anyway it helps, let me know! Also, if you have any quick tips for me, leave it in the comments below :)


For the YouTube video click here!