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Blogmas Announcement!

So tonight's post is a little different. I have decided this year that I am going to Blogmas! I am so excited to write a post everyday of this month/up until Christmas. Officially, it's up until Christmas but I haven't quite decided if I'm just going to go all out and write for the remaining few days. I'm going to be having a few running themes that will hopefully last. Monday will continue to be an event and a YouTube video. Thursday will continue to be Thursday Thoughts. Friday will be Film Friday with either some sort of review. I will probably throw in a TV series of book. Sunday will be a weekly recap with a picture from each day and brief description of each day. The remaining 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday) will be a complete mixture of anything and everything. I'm hoping to do some collabs with some other blogger friends so looks out for a maybe 'Work It Wednesday' series! :) I can't wait to right them so I hope you are


I am so grateful to the girl who gave me her ticket last minute to the Hobbie Stuart concert! I had such an amazing night and I literally can't believe how many people I saw and met! Click here to watch the concert and my vlog or watch below :) After a long day at university, I said goodbye to my flatmates for the weekend as they were all going out to different places across the country - Cardiff, Thanksgiving Festivals and Harry Pot-Tour - so I was going to be home alone. I vacuumed, mopped and dusted the flat which always makes me feel so much better and then got ready for the concert. I settled on warmth over style because it was freezing outside and it was definitely a good call to layer up :) It took me ages to find the venue. I put in the postcode and name 'Under the Bridge' into CityMapper (my lifesaver) and must have walked back on forth up this one stretch of road 5 times. I eventually asked the security guard at Chelsea Football Club and it turns out i

My Pandora Bracelet - Charms Story 💍

I've always dreamed of having a Pandora Charm bracelet and as my older sisters got theirs for their 16th birthdays, that's what I had expected too. Instead, I was surprised that my mum got it for my 15th Christmas. It has seriously become one of my most prized possessions and my favourite piece of jewellery. I wear it with almost everything, whether day or evening. Each charm means some special to me and that's what I've always wanted. I'd always told myself I want a charm a year to represent a specific milestone in that year. I've been very lucky and spoilt that I have received many more than that, but still they all each have their own story and meaning. So without further ado, this post is going to be the story behind my charms in the order I received them! I also have 2 clips  (£25) that I treated myself to. They are very simple in plain silver, just to keep the charms separated because I used to get really annoyed when they threaded themselves. ALP

Coping with Situations for the First Time (Medic Series) 🏥

I recently got a BMA update about to cope with medical situations when you experience them for the first time. I thought it was super important to remember for my own self but also for others in a similar position. Disclaimer some of the content is direct from the BMA Site. I thought I would share some of my experiences too. 1.  How is it going to feel? Your first cadaveric dissection can be an unsettling experience. It is important that you prepare for it in advance, as the way you think about death will go a long way to shaping what kind of a doctor you become. Here at UCL we still do full body dissection thanks to the gracious people that donate their bodies to medical research. I think the first time I went to the dissection lab, I didn't know what to expect but I just went in very open minded. I thought I would be worried or maybe even overwhelmed but I ended up just digging straight in. I think as long as you remember to treat the body with respect and how you would wan

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Review) 👾

I loved all the Harry Potter films and while I wasn't a massive fan of the books - I thought they went into too much detail - I did read them all, a long time ago! I really wanted the series to be left where it was so when I heard about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play I had mixed emotions...albeit I did go on to read the book .  When I heard of this new film series franchise, I was shocked but of course, I had to watch it.  I went in with a totally open mind. I hadn't read any reviews, I hadn't read the book and I hadn't even watched the trailer. Click here if you want to watch the trailer.  I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. In fact, more than that...I really enjoyed it. When the opening credit came on to the theme tune of Harry Potter, I thought it would be very same-y and I was a little upset but then as soon as the film started I really felt that it's a totally new film series and not at all like Harry Potter. With the historic

ATP World Tour Finals! Day 2 and 3 🎾

This past week I was lucky enough to not only go to the ATP World Finals once but twice. I went on Day 2 of the competition by myself - mainly to see Andy Murray! - and then I went with RUMS Tennis (my university Tennis club) on the following night. Click on the video below or here to see the fun footage :) What an amazing of week of tennis so celebrate the last week of matches this season! I don't know if you follow me on twitter but I've been loving watching and keeping up to date on all the matches. I am so happy that Andy Murray has ended the year as world number 1, along with his brother for doubles. I had such a blast watching four of the matches live as well. I love living in London! On Monday 14th, I first saw Kontinen and Peers against Lopez/Lopez and KP won 6-3, 7-6. I have to admit, my favourite part was the umpire saying Kontinen. I think it's like one of the best surnames! Definitely some of the most eye-catching outfits of the week. I was real