I am so grateful to the girl who gave me her ticket last minute to the Hobbie Stuart concert! I had such an amazing night and I literally can't believe how many people I saw and met!

Click here to watch the concert and my vlog or watch below :)
After a long day at university, I said goodbye to my flatmates for the weekend as they were all going out to different places across the country - Cardiff, Thanksgiving Festivals and Harry Pot-Tour - so I was going to be home alone. I vacuumed, mopped and dusted the flat which always makes me feel so much better and then got ready for the concert. I settled on warmth over style because it was freezing outside and it was definitely a good call to layer up :)
It took me ages to find the venue. I put in the postcode and name 'Under the Bridge' into CityMapper (my lifesaver) and must have walked back on forth up this one stretch of road 5 times. I eventually asked the security guard at Chelsea Football Club and it turns out it was a club in their complex. They have all set up for Christmas and it looks so stunning. It's a very posh location and even though I felt way too casual, I was glad because when I arrived, there was still a huge queue outside which I was in for almost 40 minutes.
Due to the slow security access, I missed the first support act completely and almost all of the second. I nipped to the toilet (very glamourous) and then headed to find my concert spot. I found the perfect spot, at the front of the slightly raised stage. It was perfectly central and I could see everyone's head so it worked out really well. Plus I had a barrier to rest on to my ankle didn't have to be in constant use.

Ebony Day was the last support act and she was incredible. She's so pretty and her voice is beautiful. it's so serene and pure it was just an honour to listen to her.

For some reason my 4G wasn't working so a picture I'd posted a while ago hadn't posted. I ended up connecting to their WiFi and so it went through. Hobbie suddenly tweeted back panicking I was still queuing outside. I felt terrible that I'd made him panic but hopefully he didn't worry too much...
I was expecting him to sing songs from his first EP and they were perfect. Just how I expected. He interspersed some new songs throughout and said he's releasing a new EP in January. Yey! Honeslty I loved those songs. I can't wait until I can hear them again and again and again.
When he did the Justin Bieber cover I was in love but then he switched it up and did it into a medley with 2 other songs. I can't remember them but it was just perfect! Without out that was my favourite performance. 
I was shocked when he said he was going to sing Hallelujah. What an anthem of a song and I never would have put that song and his voice together. It was incredible and I was blown away. I loved that he did some songs with the guitarist and drummer and then others just him and his acoustic guitar.
As the show was coming to an end, Hobbie said that that song was meant to be his last but he was going to sing one for. I think he was thoroughly enjoying himself and didn't want to come down, it was so sweet to see. When that finished - it was Skinny Love if I remember correctly - he was just putting his guitar down when a group of his friends, stood just in front of me, started shouting for one more song. Hobbie quickly looked behind the scenes for a thumbs up and happily obliged. He picked an audience member to give him a song (the first he didn't know) and then, again, just sang it perfectly. With no practice. Talent.
At the end of his set, Hobbie announced he would meet and greet anyone who wanted to meet him. I thought that was so sweet but I was desperate for the toilet so I went and when I came back, the queue wrapped around the entire room and more. I was in for a long wait.

I'd heard Lucy and Lydia laughing during Ebony's set and when I found them, I couldn't take my eyes off them. I really wanted to go up and say hi to them but I felt so bad because they were having so much fun and they were here to enjoy themselves as well.
While I was waiting, I also saw Gabby but she was saying bye to Hobbie and then went into the VIP room and quickly left. As she went in, she almost fell over the roped barrier. Luckily, Hannah and the security guard was there to catch her. I don't think she's had the best day because she was also a little late and I didn't want to be the one to grab her while she was leaving.

Finally I joined the queue because I swear it wasn't getting any smaller. I met a couple of really nice girls. They were from London but met while studying Fashion at Southampton University. They were really nice and then we were joined by a couple of Hobbies friends who'd seemingly got bored of waiting and also apparently felt very awkward watching another of their friends flirting. Ha!

By this point, all of Hobbie's friends - including Lucy and Lydia - had joined the queue which was so funny to me because they were literally queuing to see a close friend. But the securtiy had told them they had to or they had to leave.

The boys were obviously flirting with Sophie and Shardy but they were nice and asking lots of questions. I don't think the girls got it at all which made it all the more entertaining for me...hehe. They were more angry at the fact the boys didn't believe that they were 27 and 28! I can't remember his name (Josh?) but one of them was defintely more keen.

When I finally met Hobbie he was still in good spirits even after probably lose to 500 people I think he said. We took and quick picture, I thanked him and then asked if could record a quick message to the girl who gave me her ticket. He did and I hope she likes it! Thank you Hobs :)
I waited for the girls before I left because I wanted to say a quick goodbye. We were just chatting when Josh (? I'm sorry!) came up and invited us to the after party. I use the term 'us' very loosely here because it was obviously wayyy more orientated towards the girls. I was like no way, that would be so awkward going to Hobbie's house(!) but they were like urm maybe and asking where it was and how they were getting there. Gosh, I couldn't imagine doing something like that. I ended hugging them bye and leaving. Not going to lie, the rest of the journey home, I was kind of regretting it and I'm really interested to hear if they decided to go or not. How exciting!

After leaving, I began the worst journey home ever. It started off by passing lots of pretty Christmas decorations and ended with 5 tubes, a long bus ride and huge rats! Eek... They kept cancelling and diverting and then changing and then my phone was about to die so I decided to jump on a straight bus instead. Nightmare!