Bastille: Wild Wild World Tour / SECRET SHOW STORIES🎤

Once again, I return to my weekly concerts! I seriously love going to concerts and I really missed not going to one last week but this is my last one for a while. I had tickets for a couple more but they make me so tired for the next day of university that I've sold them. I really wanted to go to the Jingle Bell Ball like last year but I didn't manage to get tickets so that's that.

Support acts, Jagara and Rationale:
The main act, Bastille:
Walking in to the O2 I was a little shocked because it was so quiet and the two merchandise locations were only just opening with no queues. I was a little earlier than usual so perhaps that's it but it was a little disappointing hype.
I started the evening off by going to Sky Backstage. I love how relaxing it is and the 'glam' area full of mirrors and it was empty. It's so nice to have a quick drink and snack in such a glamourous place while on free wifi...what more could you want! ;)

Bastille were supported by Jagara and Rationale. The first act was seriously shocking. It's not that they bad as such, just that they were so not my type of music. I felt like the two girls on the end were literally just there as a prop and having fun. When she said they were her younger sisters, I felt like they were literally just their for a joy ride. It's not necessarily that they were bad because the lead role could defintely sing. But the rest of it was just terrible... Dancing, song choice, head rocking, intervals.

Then Rationale. I'm not going to lie, they're not really my sort of music and the band set up isn't my traditional usual type but they were very talented at engaging the audience, despite barely moving. The lead singer has some incredible dance moves and admittedly, the songs are very catchy!
Finally Bastille came out.I was a little shocked at the audience's enthusiasm. Bastille isn't my typical concert atmosphere but they didn't disappoint! It's crazy all the little details they did. Despite the band in the background, who remained stationary throughout, the lead singer was all over the place and thoroughly kept the audience captive.
It was interesting how they incorporated the 'news' scenes into the graphics of the concert. I don't particularly like them while listening to their CD because it totally interrupts the songs but it did work in terms of being live.
Some of the colours were gorgeous especially towards the end of the show.
But when he walked off the stage and through the audience, everyone was in shock! You'll have to watch the video to see him intertwined and be undated with hugs from fans. It was actually really impressive to see how he managed to sing - in perfect tune - while entertaining and interacting with people.
I loved all the use of streamers and glitter despite not getting covered myself.
And if that wasn't enough! A slightly long interval before the last set of songs turned out to be the best move of the night. He ran up to the very top level of the O2 with a guitarist and sang a song from the balcony with everyone below left looking up. It was such an innovative idea which, as far as I'm aware, is totally unique!
Finally, it was the song I'd been waiting for, Pompeii and it didn't disappoint. Without a doubt, it was the highlight song of the night.
I really liked the final touch of inviting out the support acts to join in with the last chorus and then take a picture with the crowd and a wall of glitter and smoke.
I think, the only thing that made the night not as enjoyable was that some people stood and some people sat. Everyone around me was sitting which me want to sit but then in my direct path of view there were 2 girls standing up (one with a top pet peeve at concerts!) which meant I couldn't see if I did sit so I just felt super awkward throughout.