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Happy New Year

If you read this post when it first went live, it will have read: "Slightly early celebrations from me this year, as I’m working tomorrow. I have to be up bright and early at 6am to start work at 7am, so I’m pretty much going to bed shortly after this post goes life." Instead, I'm starting the New Year off by myself for the third day in a row whilst I am isolating and awaiting a PCR test. I guess you could say I feel a little sorry for myself!  Whilst you’re out celebrating tonight and ringing in the New Year, raise a glass for me. I hope you all have the most wonderful night and very…Happy New Year!  I was going to start off the year with a challenge to post every day of January. However, given how rough I'm currently feeling, I've decided not to push myself too hard just yet. I love writing, but I do feel like there were times last year when I felt bored of it and ran out of ideas. I still have lots to share from last year, plus all the usual posts that the New

Christmas Present Haul 2021!

One of my favourite types of posts to write and share over the Christmas season is my Christmas present haul. I absolutely love looking back on them over the years and it makes me so grateful to my friends and family. This year is no different. I didn’t have too much on my wish list this year but I was very thankful to have received almost everything I wanted and more! I think I've said this the last few years, but I always expect the number of presents to get less and less, and they always seem to get more and more. I also am still awaiting a few presents from my dad and older sisters as I didn't get to see them because of Covid.  Starting with one of the main reasons people love Christmas...the food! I can't believe how much chocolate I got. I literally don't think I've ever got this much. I am missing the traditional snowballs that makes me very sad, but I did get to have some from Luke's Christmas work party earlier in the month. I got 3 Terry's chocolat

Preceptorship Rotation Thoughts: Community

I actually can’t believe that my 7 months in the community is over. In fact it finished at the start of December but I’m only just getting round to sharing this post!  Back when I started, I shared my thoughts prior to beginning and I’ll admit, I wasn’t overly excited. I’m fact, after my second and third month I requested to be placed back into the hospital because I hated it that much. Well a further four months later, I can’t deny I’m excited to go back to the hospital but I’m also sad to leave my women, my team and the job I’ve learnt to love.  I really struggled at the start of the rotation and I think I was just thrown into the deep end, the deep deep deep end. I had a lovely supernumerary month and then I was new to the community in July and August, at the peak of the summer where not only we were short staffed, but we were also in the peak of summer annual leave with a minimum of one staff member per team off at a time. I would always be on visits alone, having to juggle phone c

Another Puppy, Wollaton Lights and Covid Disruptions!

I apologise in advance for this very moany vlog. It wasn't a good couple of weeks, between work and Covid, I was a little down!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below. I got back from London and spent a couple of days with my mum before returning to Nottingham. We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning, before chilling at home, sorting through old toiletries and then going to see my cousins new puppy, who is a golden doodle. He is huge! I went home and chilled whilst everyone else was out at dinner parties, before getting a reasonably early night.  The next day, I loaded up the car and headed off back to Nottingham. I had a few presents arrive whilst I was away so I wrapped up the last two gifts and then packed them away into piles ready for each location they need to be delivered to.  I ended up working 4 days in a row, with 2 days and 2 nights so was pretty exhausted. To top it off, on Tuesday, I returned home to a text from my cousin saying that she'd tested positive

Merry Christmas!

For unexpected reasons, tonight scheduled post has had to be removed. I am currently spending time with family and I don’t want to take myself away from that, whilst time is so precious at the moment. Instead, I am wishing you and your families a very merry Christmas. I hope you have the most wonderful time, whenever you manage to celebrate. 

26 Lazy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I know some people absolutely hate the news tradition of Elf on the Shelf, but I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to do it for my children one day! I’ve seen some incredibly creative ideas, however I think personally I’ll be quite lazy so I thought I’d share 24 lazy person ideas.  First Day  1. For the 1st December, to introduce Elf on the Shelf, the Elf comes with a book. There is of course the main book which introduces the character straight away, but there are also follow up books for each additional year.  2. For this year especially, social distancing is a great idea to include. This ones easy and ensures kids don’t touch the Elf! Activities  It’s great to plan your day around the Elf’s antics. Here are some great ideas which the Elf could bring or suggest, to then do with the kids.  3. Decorate gingerbread houses.  4. Have a movie night.  5. Make hot chocolate.  6. Play a board games.  7. Bake cookies.  8. Read a book.          Naughty Of course, the Elf is well known for gettin