Christmas Present Haul 2021!

One of my favourite types of posts to write and share over the Christmas season is my Christmas present haul. I absolutely love looking back on them over the years and it makes me so grateful to my friends and family. This year is no different. I didn’t have too much on my wish list this year but I was very thankful to have received almost everything I wanted and more! I think I've said this the last few years, but I always expect the number of presents to get less and less, and they always seem to get more and more. I also am still awaiting a few presents from my dad and older sisters as I didn't get to see them because of Covid. 

Starting with one of the main reasons people love Christmas...the food! I can't believe how much chocolate I got. I literally don't think I've ever got this much. I am missing the traditional snowballs that makes me very sad, but I did get to have some from Luke's Christmas work party earlier in the month. I got 3 Terry's chocolate oranges, 4 boxes of Lindor Lindt chocolate, plus some pink champagne truffles, a selection box and a taster box. I also got two dairy milk chocolate bars and two galaxy chocolate bars. I genuinely think I am going to struggle to eat them all! I also got two baking kits. One for skillet brownies and one HUGE cookie baking selection. 
I got some beautiful jewellery pieces. I had a bracelet from my mum and a Stackers jewellery holder for travelling purposes from Luke. You can use my link to get 10% off your entire purchase at Stackers!

I also received a beautiful locket necklace from Astley Clarke, which was gifted and free of charge. I got to select my own style and they had a fast delivery, which meant it arrived in time for me to wrap it for Christmas! It is truly beautiful. I picked the world style, for the "centre of my world" love vibe, with a picture of Luke and I inside. I was very impressed that they print the pictures free of charge for replacement photos to be sent. I also loved the high quality packaging. The box was gorgeous, and to top it off, there was a little fabric bag to also store it in too. They have such a beautiful selection so if you're looking for a locket, be sure to take a look. 
Onto body items. I love the box that came with a selection of Lemon scented Lush products. I also got some dry shampoo, body wash and a body wash bauble. Luke bought me a hairdryer and I think my favourite present is an Aveda personalised hair care kit. I can't wait to use it soon! 

For clothing, I got some new Ralph Lauren ankle socks, some puppy socks and a pair of Christmas pyjamas. I also got a woolly hat, two pairs of gloves and some fluffy leggings I've yet to try on. My mum then got me a gift pack from Hush. Inside was a pair of fluffy socks, a candle and a cashmere jumpsuit to match with my mum and sister. I am not thrilled with the latter so I will try it on and update you soon. 
A few home items included a Wick candle, two little candles with a diffuser and some personalised initial coasters. I also got some money which I'll put in the bank soon. My little sister bought me and Luke an experience voucher to select from. I also got a cute notebook and a handbag clutch. I did forget to put a jewellery item in previously, which was some robin earrings from my cousin. The last of the home items was one which Luke bought to update my travel charm with the last couple of years countries and some new spacers. 
Finally, a couple of joke presents was some weights and a Secret Santa "hair dryer". 
I love looking back on present hauls. What was your favourite present this year?