Mixed Christmas Gift Guide 2021!

This year I've loved doing some Christmas Gift Guides and I've shared a couple new ones for her and for children. As usual, I wanted to share this year's mixed Christmas gift guide, which is basically the presents I have bought for people this year. If you're expecting a present from me this year, close the screen! 

I really tried this year to stick to more of a budget with presents. I love Christmas but I do have a tendency to go a little overboard. I didn't want to set an exact amount, but I did want to limit it, so for a lot of people I bought couple presents, and I didn't make it a mission to match prices for gifts, just get gifts that I thought people would like. Also, in regards to the pictures, I had half delivered to my house and half delivered to my mum’s, so the background changes! Apologies in advance. 

For Luke, we had agreed to a £50 budget. I went a little overboard with his birthday so I thought this was fair. He has so many items on his wish list but the majority of them are not functional for our current living situation, so instead I bought him a couple of items I thought he would enjoy. He love star gazing and so I bought him a star named after him. I thought this would be quite romantic and potentially, we'll be able to see it in the future. Then I also got him a memory game. He memory is terrible and he loves games so I thought this was perfect. The twist is that he has to build it himself, which he also likes! Finally, I added some gin that he swear he hasn’t had before but I know he has, a Christmas special of Beer52, some shower bath bombs called steamers and some Gnaw Hot Chocolate sticks that he requested. 

For my mum I bought her a few little gifts this year as part of her new puppy gift. I started with the hand sanitiser and dog poop bag which I think are good practical gifts. The main gift was light up presents. For her husband, I bought some hot tub accessories as he's become a little obsessed. 

For my dad I jokingly got anti-fart pills but his main present was some gorgeous robin fairy lights. It's also my dad's birthday next month, so I bought him a memory book to fill in. I got one for my grandma a few years ago, and I think I left it a little too late, so I would like my parents to each fill one in next year for me! Then for his main birthday present I bought him a outdoor copper rusted compass. I got it sent straight to him so I haven't seen it just yet. 

For his girlfriend, I bought her a foot spa gift set as someone who works on her feet all day, and her slippers were getting a little old. It's also her birthday the week after, so I bought her a personalised birthday month flower and indoor mist can can as she likes indoor plants. 

For my grandma, she's hard to buy for. She's just had a birthday so I bought her a fancy walking stick as she has been using my grandad's old one. For Christmas, instead of buying her more things she won't use or buy, I designed a photo album and got her that instead from Photobox
I then have three sisters. For my oldest sister, I had originally bought her a beautiful wooden Christmas decoration but when I last visited her, she basically told me "no more wood" so I've ended up keeping that, and getting her a This Works gift set instead, which she told me she likes. For her husband, I bought him the same dog bag as my mum as he is the owner of the most gorgeous cockerpoo. 

For my middle sister, I bought her a bath stacking gift set. I find her really hard to buy for, but I thought this looked lovely!

For my little sister, I bought a couple of gifts. One was meant to be for her birthday but unfortunately, despite the price tag, it was a lot smaller than anticipated so I've had to make it an add on gift sadly. The main gift is a tea set, which I mainly got for the cute storage box. She loves fancy teas and has such a huge variety so I thought this would help her organise it a little. The add on is Himalayan rock salt with a grater and salt, which she will love as she's a little hippie. 

For my oldest niece I bought her Dinosaur DNA kit. It's both scientific and electronic as the data is converted online, which I think she will like. I originally bought her something else, an airshot game, which I thought was such a great idea but apparently she already has it sadly. For her brother, I bought a Bug Hotel garden exploration kit. I also bought them both a Lush bath bomb to go with them.
For my baby niece I bought her a bath game from Argos which I thought she would love and also a play phone...the perfect baby gifts!

For my two closest cousins, I got them and their partners joint presents. I got Emma and her husband a make your own cheese gift set because they're a little obsessed. For Ellie and her boyfriend, I got a alcoholic cocktail gift set because that's something that they love. 

I treated myself and Luke to some matching Hotel Chocolat goodies whilst we were out but then I also bought a couple of little additional gifts. I got all my colleagues a little hand cream, apart from the admin man who I bought dark chocolate for instead, as it's his secret obsession. Then, for Luke's family Secret Santa I had his grandpa, who is one of the most difficult people to buy for. I know he does wordsearches daily, so I bought a pencil and pen set which were engraved with his name. 

Do you see anything that you like or would add to your wish list? I can't wait to see everyone's reactions!