Another Puppy, Wollaton Lights and Covid Disruptions!

I apologise in advance for this very moany vlog. It wasn't a good couple of weeks, between work and Covid, I was a little down! 

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I got back from London and spent a couple of days with my mum before returning to Nottingham. We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning, before chilling at home, sorting through old toiletries and then going to see my cousins new puppy, who is a golden doodle. He is huge! I went home and chilled whilst everyone else was out at dinner parties, before getting a reasonably early night. 

The next day, I loaded up the car and headed off back to Nottingham. I had a few presents arrive whilst I was away so I wrapped up the last two gifts and then packed them away into piles ready for each location they need to be delivered to. 
I ended up working 4 days in a row, with 2 days and 2 nights so was pretty exhausted. To top it off, on Tuesday, I returned home to a text from my cousin saying that she'd tested positive for Covid on two LFTs and was waiting for a PCR result. Following government guidelines, that meant I didn't have to isolate, but did have to do 7 days of LFTs myself. I was so annoyed when I heard she had symptoms on Saturday, and yet still invited us over. 

I explained a little more in the vlog, but my dad then tested positive and Jess and my mum had contact with three others, including Jess' boss. It was all a bit of a nightmare and I had been so excited to travel to London at the weekend to see my sisters and the children who call my auntie. Sadly, they made the decision to cancel as it would just be me going and not everyone else which was very frustrating because I had all the presents, cards and packages to take. Nevertheless, not to be. 

Of course, that set a dampener for the weekend and I didn't vlog too much. On Friday, Luke had his virtual Christmas party. The business sent all the employees big bundles of treats and alcohol. Then we did a MS Teams meeting with Bingo, Quizzes and games. 
Saturday was for a pyjama day and then I found out late that evening that my trust had changed their Covid guidance and so to make matters worse, I had to get a PCR test myself. I booked it in for first thing on Sunday morning and then Luke and I went to drop cards off at people's houses. 

When we got back, I realised the result wouldn't be back for me to start my shift the next morning so contacted Christmas at Wollaton. We had tickets for a couple weeks time, but it was after a night shift so it was going to be exhausting. Luckily, they had the last few spaces to fit us in that night, so at least we had one thing to look forward to. 
I got dressed, but on some makeup and even paired my Christmas jumper with a bright red lip for the festive season. The lights were pretty and I was glad the queue was short compared to last year. Nicely, it was also fairly mild in temperature so not particularly cold. 
I'll be honest, I wasn't as impressed as I was last year. The display was very similar with not much changes. They had extended a couple of sections, and had some new additions but nothing that blew me away. I was most disappointed by the show on Wollaton Hall. It was more of a story instead of a light show (animals decorating a tree) and to be honest, it was rubbish and made no sense, plus it was poorly lit and the main spectacular - the tree - was only lit for a short few seconds. 
Of course, my PCR came back the next day and it was thankfully negative. All my LFTs had been, so I was going to be very shocked if it wasn't. I called work straight away and went in as soon as I could. On the way in, I finally picked up my new uniform which is so exciting and I can't wait to wear it soon!

I ended the week exhausted, tired and so ready to celebrate Christmas with family. Stay tuned to the last two 2021 vlogs, coming out in the new year!