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JustDance Dance Off! (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is a collection of parties that I had with friends back in 2011. We celebrated a lot of our 16th's and then celebrated the end of GCSEs. It seemed to be a popular time for Just Dance... Laura and Louise's party was a dance attack at their home and girls only! Maria's 16th at her house was a very casual, laid back get together. We danced, played board games and of course had balloons! The cake was amazing as her mum (and her) are the best bakers. Hannah's birthday was just a really intimate gathering in a small group of friends. We did Just Dance and Twister! Alice's Christmas party was wild just because Waqaar was there! Never a dull moment.  And finally my 16th! Actually from 2012 instead of 2011 but I thought I would include it in this little video. I have way too many pictures to include them in this post but maybe I will do a separate post one day.

Point-to-Point at Easingwold, Yorkshire

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my family sponsor one of the races at the annual Easingwold Point-to-Point. For those of you who don't know, that's a type of horse race which includes jumps over fences.  I love it because it's a tradition and part of the family history but also because I usually end up winning! This year I came back with an extra £46, but £20 my grandma gave me so... Click here to watch the video or watch below. I didn't record all that much so just made it into a fun mini montage vlog.  Here are some pictures from the day :) Pre. At the finishing line. The clouds look scary in this picture but thankfully the weather held off until we got home. I love dappled grey horses. I seriously think that they are the most beautiful and so I always have to pick them to win. These were the prize giving pictures from 2014 and 2015.

Drunken Karaoke (Flashback Friday)

This week's Flashback Friday is from 2011. Back in 2011, karaoke was really big in our house and so every get together at mine ended in a karaoke session...especially after a few glasses or bottles of wine ;) A lot of my friends growing up found it weird that we used to have dinner parties almost every other weekend. My mum has just always been a sociable person and with so many different friendship groups we ended up having lots of different gatherings. This was a group of the parental high school friends, my mum's a few years older but her sister-in-law and cousin was in the year so she kind of joined. We used to try to get together at least twice a year but it's been a little sporadic since all the children are growing up. We played netball, outside on the trampoline, walked around the farm and once the lights went out, karaoke! Ellie and Jess Patrick Ellie, Jess, Beth and Tilly  PIGS!  I was really amazed at the these pictures when I