Day to Evening Look - 5 Easy Steps!

Sometimes, you can get evening plans either last minute or after a hectic busy day of life. This post is for all those busy people out there who need to get ready in 10 minutes, from walking through the door to leaving again. A few weeks ago, I was at university all day, got back and then had just under 10 minutes to get back onto the tube for a concert. 

Before VS After:

  1. Brighter Make-up: I quickly added a layer of BareMinerals Mineral Veil to brighten up my make up look from 8am which had worn away and reapplied some pink blusher. I then added some eyeshadow by applying a tinted eyelid primer follower by a rockstar glitter eyeshadow. Finally, I finished with a little lipstick. For my full evening make up routine click here, or watch the video here.
  2. Freshen Hair: I actually curled my hair for a ball just a couple days earlier so my hair was curled so I added just a few extra curls to the top layer and around my face had they had loosened a bit. My hair is naturally straight so if I was wearing it natural, I would have straightened the top layer to make it more defined too.
  3. Change Top: Of course, you can change the whole outfit but I find these warehouse leggings the perfect day to night transition piece. By changing my top from a casual t-shirt to a fancier evening top (it has beads lining the neckline), I look much smarter!
  4. High heels: High heels of any variety add just a look of class. I was wearing m black flat boots and then I switched it up for some comfy black wedged books with gold chunky zips. 
  5. Jewellery: If your anything like me, when you're busy at school/uni/work it's super rushed in the morning and I always forget jewellery so I now tend to wear it only when I'm going out. As I was wearing a jewelled neckline top, I didn't wear a necklace but I put on some studded diamond earrings and my pandora bracelet! 
Hope this helps all those people in a rush! :)