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18th Birthday Party Fun!

Hi Everyone, Here are some pictures from my birthday party. I had it at a private function room with a bar, DJ and karaoke! It was so fun and such a great time to spend with friends and family before everyone splits off to different universities. I love my chocolate cake with me driving an F1 car with a stethoscope!  Karaoke  First time in a club! Friends: One of the twins, Laura! Sarah, me, Hannah and Nicola Liv and Corey John, me, Katherine and Darnel Me, Sarah, Ashika, Sophie, Nicola and Hannah Me and Sophie Family: Cousins children: Francesca and Harrison With my cousins daughter, Niamh Dad's girlfriend, Karen, Me, cousin's son, Yousef and cousin Nicky Me with Uncle David, Aunty Sarah and cousin Charlotte Great Aunty Rachel and cousin Matthew Great Uncle Norman and cousin Tim Thank you for reading. Stay tuned! Hannah xxx


Hi Everyone, Quick update. As it's now the summer I'm now going to be aiming to do 2 weekly blog posts. One will be a diary type entry and the other will be a personal thing as I have been doing :) For example, this week I am writing a diary post about my birthday and then a birthday haul post later. Most probably will be Monday's and Wednesday's 09.00AM GMT :) Hope you like! If you have any ideas or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me. Stay tuned! Hannah xxx

I'm An Adult

Hi Everyone, So last Monday I celebrated by 18th birthday in style...doing a Maths C3 exam paper. Oh the joys of a student life. However, on the plus side, I had my last A level exam ever. I am officially no longer a college student and I am ready to start a long 3 month holiday. Can you tell I'm happy?!?  So for my actual birthday I did have a slight break from revision. How big is that cookie from my gorgeous Aunt-in-law I got a lot of presents from family for university. I love my new sandwich press! My aunt got me a necklace with pearls on that are my birth stones and my older sisters got me some beautiful flowers. I am going to be doing a birthday present haul when I have a moment so sorry for the delay. I will be going into more detail later. If you want to stay updated more frequently I post on - twitter: - instagram: - facebook: Sta

Summer Haul

Hi Everyone, I have a secret confession... I hate shopping! Unlike most girls the thought of shopping makes me cringe. I rarely go shopping, so most of my clothes are pretty old. However, when I do, it's to one of two shops: Dorothy Perkins or ASDA! Now I know what you're all thinking: "ASDA!?" But they actually have some really nice clothes and when you go twice a week, it's really easy to take clothes back and have a quick glimpse around when doing the food shop. Plus, I can only take shopping in small amounts :') Here are some of the clothes I have got most recently, ready for summer! I have completely fallen in love with these tops. You know when you see something and you know you'll be living in it for the foreseeable future? Well this top is like that. So much so I ended up buying 2! One in white and one in purple :) It's super comfy. It's has a gorgeous satin underlay and a lace pattern over the top. For summer it's perfect be

It's My Birthday!

Hi Everyone, So today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me! Oh my gosh... I cannot believe that I am now officially an adult! It seems so weird saying that. I think until my generation have kids, to the family I always will be "the child". But I can still use the excuse to my parents, "You can't boss me around, I'm an adult!" ;) I thought I would celebrate my 18th birthday by looking at some of my old birthdays and birthday parties! And maybe share some of my stories along the way ;) This is from my 2nd birthday! Wasn't I cute? We went to Ireland to visit my mum's friends who moved out there and they turned around for a second and turned back to this... My 8th birthday ended up being a makeover party. My mum had just graduated from beautician school and so she had all the equipment needed. It was everyone's first time wearing make-up and I remember feeling so grown up. We also had an adventure playground area in the garden and t