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Hi Everyone,

If you read my TMI post last week, you already know that I'm an A-level student. If not...go back and read it! ;)

My first A2 exam is today! Eek! So I thought it was appropriate to write a post regarding revision and the way to make the most of the time you have.

Firstly, don't stress! Trust me, I know it's easier said than done but it's true. If you don't stress you stay more focussed, you get more out of the time you revise and you don't work yourself up. I struggle with this but I have definitely learnt that you need to take time out for yourself. Whether this is going out to a party, out for a meal or just a TV break to just take your mind of exams!

Some people love writing up a revision timetable. I personally think it's a waste of time. I have never managed to stick to any of mine but for some it may keep your focus and help stick to a goal. 

I find it really useful to make revision notes but don't leave them all to the last minute... start back in September! I wrote mine every Friday night so that each week it took about 30 minutes. This way you don't have to spend hours on end the month before exams looking back through all your different books/packs/questions/resources. 

When you have - finally - finished the syllabus and you can start revising properly, you then just have to look in one place to recap. One tip I would definitely recommend is to write revision notes on the computer! This way you can quickly and easily make changes  and update them with exam paper mark schemes when you start to do past papers. 

My next stage is to then write flashcards! Short bullet point facts of particularly important pieces of information or formulas that need to be memorised can be written. You can test yourself by writing the topic on one side and saying out loud what it is, for examples, I use them for definitions I need to know.

Leading on, past papers are REALLY important. Most questions are repeated in similar situations (especially maths). There are only a certain number of ways that the exam board can ask the specification. If you run out of past papers, do them again. And again. And again until you get full marks. 

It also helps with longer questions. I've found that you get taught everything about the topic but maybe in too much detail or not using the correct scientific terms. If you read mark schemes and learn this instead, you are guaranteed to get the marks!

As the exams get closer, I always end up redecorating my room. It ends up have colour coded sticky labels all around the room with key facts. When you're getting ready in the morning you can scan them and after a few mornings of this, magically you know it! The mirror is the best place ;)

Most importantly, stay positive! Once you start to tell yourself you are going to fail, you are never going to excel. It sounds sad but: believe in yourself and have faith! 

Hope you guys found this useful. I would just like to say that this is how I revise and it might not work for you. I have learnt from past mistakes and past exams how I revise best, so if you have any of your own advice to share, please just leave them in the comments! I'm always looking for new ways to revise :)

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx

PS. Remember it is never too late to start revising! 


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