Summer Haul

Hi Everyone,

I have a secret confession... I hate shopping!

Unlike most girls the thought of shopping makes me cringe. I rarely go shopping, so most of my clothes are pretty old. However, when I do, it's to one of two shops: Dorothy Perkins or ASDA! Now I know what you're all thinking: "ASDA!?" But they actually have some really nice clothes and when you go twice a week, it's really easy to take clothes back and have a quick glimpse around when doing the food shop. Plus, I can only take shopping in small amounts :')

Here are some of the clothes I have got most recently, ready for summer!

I have completely fallen in love with these tops. You know when you see something and you know you'll be living in it for the foreseeable future? Well this top is like that. So much so I ended up buying 2! One in white and one in purple :) It's super comfy. It's has a gorgeous satin underlay and a lace pattern over the top. For summer it's perfect because it's really loose fitting and so keeps you from sweating! One slight dislike is that the lace does pull, it catches on bracelets so you do have to be careful.

For lounging around the house in the garden or to shove over your swimming costume around the pool, this is super easy to fling on and off. It's a really flattering dress and clinches in on the waist, as it's elasticated. I love the heart design on it, the England flag = cute!

I was looking for a dress for my birthday party and I came across this. Now usually I'm not one for fitted clothes but this dress surprisingly works for me. The coral-coloured belt nicely breaks up the two colours and I then tie it in with my jewellery and shoes :) 

I don't know if you've noticed but I tend to steer more towards darker clothes. I lived in my black maxi dress on holiday last year and when I saw this I thought I would try brightening up my wardrobe ready for Summer. It is a pretty simple Textured Maxi Dress and it has a zip at the back. I love this look with chunky jewellery and with a tan this colour will pop! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! I am definitely not a fashionista nor do I claim to be fashionable. But this just shows you can get good quality clothes on a budget!

Share your favourite clothes shops below! One shop I do really like the look of is Forever 21 but unfortunately there are none in the UK! :(

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx