Nails Extreme!

Hi Everyone,

I am a little bit OCD so when it comes to nail varnish; it has to match the outfit that I'm wearing. I plan the outfits that match that nail varnish for like the next three days!

Hardly anyone does this, it's just a hassle. But it does mean that I have a huge selection of nail varnishes! Get ready to find out about the nail varnishes I have used; the ease of application; and affordability.

Firstly, I am not a fan of false, acrylic nails. I prefer natural nails either buffed to perfection or simple paint on them. I'm not saying they don't look nice but:
1) They are a pain to get off! You have to soak them for (what seems like) hours back at the beauticians
2) Afterwards, it makes your nails feel really weak and brittle

I do have my nails painted using Shellac, about twice a year. It still isn't great for your nails, but when you go on holiday for 2 weeks, it means you don't have to pack all your nail kit! And it lasts even with chlorine.
These are my nails from my holidays last year! They lasted the full 4 weeks :)
Now what's in my nail kit?!
This is the case that I keep my nail varnishes in. Sorry but I have no idea where it's from :( I got it for my birthday about 5 years ago, but I love it. It's the perfect size for all my nail related items.
I personally don't use the long shoulder strap but it attaches really easily by clips.
Inside, I keep by nail varnishes on the bottom row then on top: nail files, clippers, cotton wool pads, nail varnish remover and buffers. 
I have my nail varnish remover which I use Cutex Ultra Cleansing. I have a selection of nail files, but I tend to use nail clippers (in the bag) to actually shorten my nails. I use wooden sticks to take of the nail varnish around the outside of the nails.  I use cuticle clippers about once every 2 months.
Urban Decay selection
Deboroh Lippmann: Happy Birthday, Bad Romance and Boom Boom Pow
Bad Romance is a purple nail varnish with purple glitter in, but the other 2 have clear varnish so I usually use them over the top of other nail varnishes as a base

And my favourite varnishes?

OPI: DS Lapis 045

It is an expensive polish so I only have a couple of colours, but it is definitely worth it. This is probably the easiest varnish to put on and it dries super quick! If you're anything like me, you end up smudging at least 50% of the nails, so if I know I'm going to be in a rush I use this. It came in a set with the top coat which is what gives it the shine!

Another favourite of mine is the Rimmel London Collection. They have nearly every colour you can think of and most of them are bright, so perfect for summer! Plus, they're affordable at £2.99 at most shops.
I think all these nails varnishes are really pretty and summery. From left to right the colours are: 193 Black Cherries, 405 Loafer Love For You, 700 Block Your Green, 702 Marshmallow Heaven, 200 Orange Your Life and 401 Wedge of Lime. 
Before I go, remember, the most important thing to do when painting your nails is to use a base and a top coat! 
I use a relatively cheap set from Boots, nothing fancy. The base coat is really important because it prevents your nails from becoming stained by the colour and it also helps the varnish go on evenly. The top coat adds an extra shine to the varnish and helps prevent and chips, making it last longer! It is definetely worth the extra few minutes it takes. It doesn't have to be neat!

Hope you enjoyed seeing which nail varnishes I use :)

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx