I'm An Adult

Hi Everyone,

So last Monday I celebrated by 18th birthday in style...doing a Maths C3 exam paper. Oh the joys of a student life.

However, on the plus side, I had my last A level exam ever. I am officially no longer a college student and I am ready to start a long 3 month holiday.

Can you tell I'm happy?!? 
So for my actual birthday I did have a slight break from revision.

How big is that cookie from my gorgeous Aunt-in-law
I got a lot of presents from family for university. I love my new sandwich press!

My aunt got me a necklace with pearls on that are my birth stones and my older sisters got me some beautiful flowers.

I am going to be doing a birthday present haul when I have a moment so sorry for the delay. I will be going into more detail later.

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Stay tuned! Hannah xxx