18th Birthday Party Fun!

Hi Everyone,

Here are some pictures from my birthday party. I had it at a private function room with a bar, DJ and karaoke! It was so fun and such a great time to spend with friends and family before everyone splits off to different universities.

I love my chocolate cake with me driving an F1 car with a stethoscope! 

First time in a club!

One of the twins, Laura!
Sarah, me, Hannah and Nicola
Liv and Corey
John, me, Katherine and Darnel
Me, Sarah, Ashika, Sophie, Nicola and Hannah
Me and Sophie

Cousins children: Francesca and Harrison
With my cousins daughter, Niamh
Dad's girlfriend, Karen, Me, cousin's son, Yousef and cousin Nicky
Me with Uncle David, Aunty Sarah and cousin Charlotte
Great Aunty Rachel and cousin Matthew
Great Uncle Norman and cousin Tim

Thank you for reading.

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx


  1. Hannah! I didn't realise you had a blog :) I love it! x

    1. Haha sorry yeah I've had one for a while. This is more of a public one. My diary one which I tend to post more often is http://hannahelizabethslack.blogspot.co.uk/ check it out :)


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