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The Coniston Hotel Country Estate and Spa (Review)

For a Christmas present, my mum treated my sister and I to a spa weekend stay at one of their favourite hotels, The Coniston Hotel Country Estate and Spa. I hadn't been before, but they have raved about it over and over again, so I was quite excited to go myself.  When we arrived, we went on a lovely long walk around the grounds. It was 1C so pretty cold, but enjoyable nevertheless. There are lots of routes and different paths to go down, so defintely a walk you could do over and over again. There was a beautiful lake set in the middle, alongside a stately country home and a boat house, set in the middle of the countryside.  I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed with the room itself. The outside of the building is incredible and the rest of the property is beautiful, so when I walked into the bedroom, it just felt dated. The bathroom and bedroom were nice enough, but just not the luxury feel I had expected. To top it off, the walls were very thin and we could hear next

Buying my New Car

Last week I shared that my first and only car, my grandma's car, had officially been written off .  I am still hurt by it, but much more accepting that I was before Christmas when I was well and truly devastated. I've been having to get the bus to and from work, between begging colleagues for lifts on bank holidays and having a very kind cousin who has also given me a couple of lifts too.  I was originally looking at getting a lease car. After spending quite a bit of money on obviously buying a house, but also the renovations over the last couple of years. When I looked at lease cars, it was a brand new car. The initial fee was roughly the cost of what I got as a car payout and the monthly fee - including insurance, breakdown cover, services etc - was roughly one extra bank shift at work so it would pretty much be unnoticeable and I thought it was a great idea.  I found a lease company I was interested in and reached out. I specifically said I was doing 4 night shifts so I woul

Pantomime Season, Hedge Trimming and Spa Break!

This vlog is a little all over the place, just like my life at the moment. Here's the first 3 weeks of the new year!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  My new year's eve was celebrated at work with an awful, stressful and tiring shift, after being pulled to work in triage. We watched the New Year fireworks on a little phone and then I came home and cried myself to sleep. I can't decide which year was better: working through New Year's or sleeping through it.  After 4 night shifts, I well and truly deserved some time off. I woke up around 5pm and headed to the first of two pantomimes to see Peter Pan and then the next day, saw Dick Whittington with my mum. I'll share the full review of both performances, if they're not live already.  When my mum came down the following day, we headed to Zizzi's first for an early dinner and the mains was delicious, but the dessert was terrible. It was so burnt and tasted terrible. I ended up complaining and the ma

Peter Pan - The Arena Spectacular (Review)

I recently attended the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham to see my first pantomime of the year, although it wasn't really advertised as a pantomime initially so I was actually quite disappointed. It was apart of a relatively new series of "The Arena Spectacular" and after hearing the good reviews of Elf last year, I thought I would get tickets this year for Peter Pan.    The biggest selling point that the producers played upon was that Boy George was cast to play Captain Hook. Now I personally don't like the man, so this was actually not a selling point to me personally, but I felt I would give him the benefit of the doubt and I didn't hate that he was in it. I thought he actually played the character really well and I was surprised at how his voice suited the songs, however he was completely full of himself. He knew he was the star of the show and played on it in all the ways. He acted like he was better than everyone, even when he wasn't.  Now the rest of the cas