2023 Reflections on my Resolutions

2023's word of the year was "heal" and I did anything but. It was the hardest year of my life and I never want to live a single moment again. It started off low, got worse and just as I thought I really was healing and learning to love myself, everything took a nose dive all over again. Regardless, in terms of the resolution success, I still tried high to stay motivated and keep going. 

Let's start with the goals I did achieve. Number one of the list was to travel somewhat new as always. This year, I even surprised myself with 3 new countries visited: Poland, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. 

In terms of sorting out the house, I have ticked off all those things I wanted to do, which feels amazing because the house is finally finished! I've brought the majority of my belongings back from the farm, I've organised my storage boxes and where they go in the garage and storage cupboards, finished the utility room and donated and sold a bunch of items. I still have more to sell now, but they've been added to the list.

I've successfully managed to read 12 books which has actually been a big accomplishment for me and I am so proud. I started the year by reading 4 books on my Jamaica holiday: It Ends With Us, The Wedding, The Language of Kindness and Brave New World. In the summer, I read a poem book called Breakup Blueprint, which was a very quick and easy read, but I loved the unique novel experience. My third holiday of the year was to the Dominican Republic and there I became obsessed with the After Series by Anna Todd, reading the first four books, before finishing the fifth at home. That brought the grand total to 10 books, and I completed the challenge listening to two audiobooks with both Spare and Counting the Cost, with two months of the year to go! 

Similarly, I read Jinger Vuolo's new book as well. I also read another series through an app called Galatea: The Millennium Wolves by Sapir A. England. I really enjoyed the books, albeit found if difficult to read on my phone. Unfortunately, I couldn't read book 6 and so it's very much left on a cliff hanger for me, with 2 books to go until the end of the series. Personally, I don't want to pay for a subscription so it's a real shame that the book isn't in print itself.

I'm not sure if I can safely say that I've done something for myself every month like planned, with a new learning activity, but I have done at least something by myself, for myself: reading, pamper day, theatres etc. 

The digital detox before bed has been a big fail. I went through phases throughout the year, but all with different apps. WhatsApp talking to someone I felt I had a connection with was one period, then the TikTok addiction returned and to end the year, I've been playing Solitaire constantly! Of course, happiness has been short lived and far between so I'm not going to able to say that's a success in the slightest, but nevertheless, capturing the moments of happiness is something. 

Finally, the new car. Deep breath. I haven't spoken about it in too much detail on here because it still hurts and I haven't quite decided what to do yet but... my car cost quite a bit of money in 2022 and I assumed it would cost the same again. Amazingly, it passed it's MOT with no work needed and with my grandma being poorly, I was so happy to be able to keep something close to me that belonged to her. I didn't want to buy a new car for the sake of it, deep down I only wanted to if I needed to. Well, sadly i's currently in the garage whilst the insurance make a decision but the mechanics think it will be a write off as it will cost more to replace than the car is worth. 

All in all, even though I've struggled this year, 6 and a half out of 10 isn't too bad going. How did your resolutions go last year? Interestingly, apparently only 8% of resolutions made are successful usually, so positively, I at least surpassed that mark in my own way.