The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story by Christie Watson

Christie Watson’s The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story, is one of the many recent publications past NHS staff have published following the end of their career. Adam Kay shared his life as an obstetrician, whilst multiple midwife books include x y z. I can’t say I’ve not been inspired to share my own after a unique journey into midwifery as well. 
Having read multiple other stories following a similar premise, Christie’s story reads more as a manual for nursing professionals. Unlike others, she shares her words of wisdom from a modest perspective and not one trying to find the comedy in every experience. Whilst, not personally quite as enjoyable to me, I can see it as the perfect book for soon-to-be or budding healthcare professionals to read. 

For a lay person, medical terminology is explained clearly with not only explanations of definitions but also providing context with both guidelines and political policies. I also liked the quotes that were shared at the start of each chapter and even the chapter names themselves. They were clearly careful thought of and chosen. 

Before becoming a qualified midwife, I can’t say I appreciated the simple roles that form the foundation of nursing, nor kindness as a key role. As part of my undergraduate midwifery education, it was a module in compassionate care that first broached the idea and it wasn’t something I appreciated at the time. Now, with the strains and time limitations in place as a member of staff, I find myself truly focussing on meeting the simple care needs when time allows and not taking it for granted. 

In short, despite it not being a comedic relief, it reminded of the special moments of joy I have and share not only with families but with colleagues. For every story shared, I had ample of my own and it reminded me to reflect on each experience which has made me into the midwife and person I am today. It shares the reality of life and death, joy and sadness, not hiding the truth but focussing on the light from each experience.