Chatty Vlog, Assessment Submitted and Water Leak?!

With my life completely taken over by my second masters assessment, this week's vlog is basically just a chat with me. Enjoy! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

There isn't too much to say about this week's vlog. 

I've been very preoccupied with writing and finished my second university assessment which I will talk more about later. I plan on doing a post about it like I did with the first, so stay tuned! The first draft was over an hour long and then it was okay to cut it down to 40 minutes, but a bit of a struggle to get it down to the final 25 minutes. In the end, it was 11 seconds over, but I think that will be fine as the last three slides are only thank you slides and references. 

In the meantime, the sunshine finally started shining which is so nice to see. I can't wait to get outside and be able to actually enjoy it. 

I also had the shock of my life when I got a bill for £705.20. I previously spent around £90 for every 6 months on my water bill. Of course, I got in touch and complained and they had me do a "leak" test. I had to turn off my water for 3 hours and take a before and after picture of my meter, and then turn it back on and take another about 5 minutes. It didn't increase in the 5 minutes, but it did in the three hours, meaning I supposedly had a leak. In my head, that meant ripping up the entire driveway which would be a complete nightmare. Thankfully, the second the experts arrived they realised the meter was communal and served 4 + houses, but I'm still waiting for an update from the specialist team for my bill.