Utility Renovation: Skirting Board Fitting

It's been a while since I shared the utility renovation project and let's be honest, it's been a slow project. We're now 8 months behind schedule but we're slowly getting there. The downstairs cloakroom still has a big project to complete, but I am very excited to say that the skirting board was the last thing needed to complete the utility room! It was also one of the most painstaking job. 

I bought the skirting board back when I did it in the lounge around the fire place. I was surprised at how much was needed, so I did have to head back to B+Q to buy an extra piece and in all honesty, I could have done with another piece. We had to use some off cuts to make the little edges work. 

The bathroom was easy. All the pieces were straight edges or corner pieces, with no different levels. They were easy to hand saw down and then I used No More Nails to stick it to the wall. Given the issues with the plastering, it unfortunately didn't stick very well as the walls are very uneven, so I then had to use a lot of filler to get in the gaps behind. Once that was all set, I used caulking to seal it at the top and bottom to ensure a clean finish. 

The utility room skirting board was a little more complicated. With lots of little pieces, lots of corners, rounded edges and different heights around the doors frames and steps, it was a little too much so I asked for my dad's help instead. He managed to cut all the pieces down but decided to use a very hot worktop saw which ended up scolding the wood and burning it a lot. It ended up looking really dirty and uneven. I tried my best to clean it up, but it wasn't quite enough so after gluing, sealing and using some wood filler to fill in the gaps, I then went over and painted it all. I had bought pre-painted skirting to save a job, but alas, it wasn't quite meant to be. 

It's not super perfect but it looks so much better. The plasterer really did do such a shitty job. He left such a large gap at the bottom of the wall, I had no choice but to fill it in. The walls needed sanding down as chunks of plaster were hanging down. I think from a distance it looks great, so it's just going to be one of those things I unfortunately have to live with.