Garage Clean, Liverpool Eurovision and Kayaking Fun!

With so many fun events at the start of May, I enjoyed them all. I spent Eurovision weekend in Liverpool and it was epic! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I didn't upload a vlog last week as it was quite a busy week and I hadn't recorded too much, despite celebrating all the events. It was International Day of the Midwife but I worked night shifts either side, then the Coronation the day after, and I slept through the entire celebration. The next day, I did enjoy some time with friends. We went to Chiquito's for lunch, before I lost massively at bowling and then enjoyed the cinema. We got to see a preview showing of Love Again which was so beautiful.

I also spent a day clearing out the garage. I got rid of a lot of the leftover rubbish from the renovations, before moving all the decoration boxes into the house. I then rearranged the furniture and remaining tools into one side, as my cousin plans to come and store some items for the next few months before she moves into her own house. 
Finally, it was the big Eurovision weekend and I went to Liverpool to celebrate with my friend Hannah. We tried so hard to get tickets and I even switched a shift so that I would have time off, but sadly it was not to be. I did a bunch of jobs in the morning and then drove down late afternoon, with a short stop in Stoke-on-Trent on the way there. 

Once arrived, we headed to the Eurovision village. It was a lot of fun but also quite busy. We took lots of photos, saw all the little food stalls and even saw some of the acts perform. We had a restaurant booked for tea so couldn't stay for more than a couple of hours. 
I was quite shocked at how poorly promoted the Ukraine area was. In the Eurovision Village it felt very much like a second thought and late addition, hidden in the background, although the decorations around the city did focus on the Eurovision colours and different components of their traditions, with  birds and eggs. 
For tea, we had a lovely Italian meal. We shared the most delicious garlic bread as a starter and then also got mains and desserts. I sure love a girl after my own heart! I had a great orange chocolate marble cake. 
Afterwards, we did head back to the Eurovision Village thinking we could watch Charlotte Church's act but sadly, we got there just a few minutes after the gates closed, which was a little sad. We could still hear some of the music as we walked around the Albert Docks. It was beautiful to see the floating globe. 
The next morning, we got up bright and early, although somewhat by accident. We had a lovely brunch at a little cafe. I had the most delicious bacon sandwich, followed by a not so perfect brownie, whilst Hannah had a smoothie bowl and egg custard pie. 
She'd booked us a little treat of kayaking along the Albert Dock. It was so much fun despite it hurting my back a little bit. It was so much fun to be able to get up close to the globe, then we also got treated to a party boat dj set as well. We got lucky with how beautiful the weather was as well. It couldn't have been nicer!
We headed back to Hannah's flat shortly afterwards to dry off and switch into dresses, then headed out to the Baltic Market. I thought it was going to be like Camden Market but it wasn't quite the same. We queued to get in for just under an hour, then managed to find a table right next to the brass band entertainment and ordered food. For some reason, some of the restaurants weren't available on the app so we thought they'd sold out, but on the way out, they said they were just accepting orders at the tills instead so we ordered some desserts to take home instead. 
Of course, we then enjoyed the perfect Eurovision night in, all comfy on the sofa. I didn't quite agree with the results but I did enjoy the winner. We went to bed super late and Hannah kindly let me sleep in until gone 11! I couldn't believe I slept in so long, so I quickly got dressed and we headed out to enjoy a Eurovision themed Afternoon Tea at Oh Me Oh My. It was a little bit of an unusual feel but overall, the majority of the food was tasty and it filled me up. 
They had a beautiful roof top terrace on the 8th floor. It was sadly closed so we couldn't have a drink with a view, but we did sit in the sun for a little while and take some beautiful pictures. 

On the way back, we decided to head to Crazy Golf. It was so much fun and surprisingly cheap. A much more affordable option than others I have been too. We ended up booking a second game because we got an extra 50% off as a thank you. 
The first game was a complete drawer and then I just beat Hannah in the second game, but I may have accidently sabotaged her by buying an alcoholic drink. Oops! 

We then headed back to the flat, chatted some more and played a game of Skyjo. I love that game and I really miss having a partner to play with regularly. At about half past 6 I headed off, as Hannah had a friend coming over. It was a lovely weekend and I'm so glad I got to spend it with one of my oldest friends.