Bloom & Wild: May 2023 (Review)

This month I was so excited to show you some progress photographs of my monthly bouquet from Bloom and Wild. I ended up receiving the "The Sally" this month and honestly, I was a little disappointed. I received it with a few dead or lack lustre stems but was hopeful it would improve. The company always says it takes a few days to see the flowers at their best.  

The website describes this letterbox delivery as containing "soul-soothing shades with scented stocks and eucalyptus" to provide "a spa-like serenity". The box has 16 stems including carnations, lavender, stocks, statice, september and eucalyptus. I have to say, this bouquet was my strongest smelling one to date and it made me smile every time I went into the kitchen. 

Sadly, after just two days, some of the flowers were dead, others hadn't improved and still looked flat and my vase just looked huge in comparison. I ended up switching it to a drinking glass that was in better proportion with what was left after pruning. The flowers that were left looked beautiful, but they didn't last very long and after 2 weeks, I had to throw them all away.