Room Tour: Utility Room (Buying my First Home)

The room that once was a wrecked and dismantled space, has been split into a functional under stair storage cupboard, utility room space and downstairs toilet cloakroom. 

Starting with the utility room itself, the fitted units really make the space super functional. The tower unit can house a stackable washer and dryer and it has a large unit above. Then two units at the side that are narrow but have become surprisingly useful. I currently have a single washer-dryer combination, so instead I have a tension rod above, with a hanger for socks and pants. Sat on the washing machine I have a laundry basket that collapses and then behind I have my ironing board. 

The theme for the room is peach and mint. I was going to paint a feature wall but decided because of the smaller space to keep it open and light with my favourite, Torrington White from Crown Paints. 

On the counter I have a peach glass dispenser for hand sanitiser, alongside a mint candle, although I may switch this to hand cream at some point. By the doors, is one of my favourite abstract canvas’ in the two colours. Opposite the units is a pull out wall mounted airer and above this a simple print from Desenio. 

In the under stairs cupboard, I was going to relay the floor that I took up from the cloakroom and I still might but I haven't just yet. I painted the shoe storage unit and turned it into storage for my hobby items as well as shoes. I then mounted a couple of utility holders to keep my mop, brush, broom and dusted off the floor. The vacuum accessories also hang on the wall, whilst the vacuum itself sits underneath. On the other side I have hooks for coats, as well as a rack behind the door for guest coats.