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My 2019 Welsh Summer Trip!

I visited my dad in Wales and had a fun packed week with him and his girlfriend. Here's to next year. Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  My week in Wales was absolutely lovely. It was busy but relaxing and it was the perfect refresher. It was also the first time I'd probably seen my dad this year. I briefly saw him for about 20 hours when he happened to be visiting my sister at the same time I was in August, but that was a completely unexpected and unplanned surprise.  I have played darts once before at Sam's when I quickly visited before flying to Croatia so it was nice to experience it again. It's actually super fun and I was pleasantly surprised when I beat dad in an "Around the World" game. In the evening, because it was still quite a nice day, we had a little barbeque outside on the front patio. Meanwhile, throughout the day, dad and I had been attempted to chop down and destroy his bamboo forest. The majority of the height had gone