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How Covid-19 has Affected my Midwifery Course

I think Covid-19 has affected everyone in different ways and whilst some have been affected more than others, that doesn't mean the effects aren't as painful or discouraging to individuals. For me, I moved out of Nottingham practically overnight and then after less than 2 weeks, made the decision to move out of my family home and to my dad's house in Wales. It also meant I didn't see my boyfriend or any friends and family for 4 months which is a long time. Personally though, despite all this, I felt okay and it's only as I look back and everything that I've missed, I become more disheartened, especially when it comes to my midwifery course and the changes this has meant. Today, I wanted to share some of those milestones which have been cut out or lost along the way. For me, the saddest parts we have missed out on is caseholding and our electives. Caseholding is one of my very favourite experiences on the course and have absolutely loved everything about it. S

Drive Through Safari Park, First Cinema Trip and Decorating Update!

A quick trip to see family after nights and a jam packed weekend after three shifts in a row! Click here to watch the vlog or see below! After 3 night shifts I was completely and utterly exhausted. I had about 3 hours sleep before having to get up after my last shift and then got ready and dressed, ready to head to Yorkshire. The entire immediate family was visiting and we had a little barbecue. The weather wasn't great so we ended up spending most of it indoors and finishing the night with a quiz. With redecorating all the bedrooms the next day, we spent most of the Sunday taking down my sister’s room and finishing off the spare bedroom which will now be grandma’s. My room had already been dismantled bar a few bits and the wardrobes had been taken apart and rebacked, as the backs had caved in. I was hoping to go to the farm shop but in the end, we all had a Chinese takeaway for tea which was nice. We didn’t stay too late, but just as we were getting ready to leave, some g

Tie Dye Kit (Review) and Huge Mistake!

I have always loved seeing people tie dye clothes and I've never done it myself, so when I went to see my niece and nephew, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something fun in the sun! I bought a cheap kit from Amazon by FabLab and then bought some white shirts from Fruit of the Loom in appropriate sizes. The kit came with 2 pairs of gloves which was a bit of a shame, so I had a pair and then each of the kids had one. Then when I was washing them out, I just did them glove free but my hands didn't get died too much and washed off after less than 24 hours. It came with lots of elastic bands and then 4 colours. The colours were really bright even though they were filled to the top and diluted to the maximum with water, and worked perfectly, although perhaps more variation in colours would have been better. It says it would do 5 kids shirts or less if adult garments, but realistically, I think it could do at least 10! We did 2 kids shirts and an adult shirt an

Scratch it Stationary Haul!

I've recently purchased some little bits and bobs from a small business on Facebook. The woman who runs it is so lovely and always so helpful so when I saw these little bracelets, I thought they would be perfect for the housemates, especially as we all head off to qualify. I was originally going to wait and get them for December but I couldn't hang on so I went ahead and bought them!  There are lots of other lovely little bits and they are all really reasonably priced, although delivery does take a little while. Also, they're not quite perfectly made, but I love the idea behind them and the thought. Wish bracelets have always been my favourite concept and these are no different. For Bea, I got her a little bee bracelet. Of course, it's her name but she's also vegan, obsessed with animals and it's her symbol. For Clare, I got her a little flower. She loves plants and nature, so I thought a flower was a close comparison. For Sam, a flamingo...of cour

Student Finance: where, how and repayment?

Today we have a guest post from the wonderful people at Consumer's Advocate . Raul Menendez, one of their Outreach Team members shares some advice about student loans, talking about government vs private options and also the 3 ways to repay them. With many starting university for the first time next month, this couldn't come at a better time. Also, this relates to United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) studies only. The world is a hectic place, and sometimes we just need a little financial assistance. But loans means more debt, and after learning that most of our parents, siblings, friends, and neighbours are still paying off their student loans, the question ends up being, "are private student loans really worth it?". Before we get to that, let's go over a few misconceptions about student loans.  Loans are not free money. The research team at Consumer's Advocate have realised that the real issue in the student loan industry isn't misinformation,

Forest Hikes, Peaceful Walks and Welsh Goodbyes!

My last week of annual leave (of the year!) and my last week in Wales called for enjoying the countryside and saying goodbye. Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I didn't record or do very much for a week or so. The weather was beautiful so I spent a lot of it sunbathing and reading in the garden, alongside watching the entire season of Station 19 and Manifest, two more shows which I have watched over lockdown. In between the sunshine, we also had a couple of pretty severe lightning storms but I couldn't quite capture them. I also shared a little life update because I have been having awful headaches caused by too much screen time and stress. Having to find a place to live is a nightmare, I just want to have my own place and settle down already so I am not enjoying this student over it! I also was hoping to go away with Luke for a few days over the bank holiday weekend, but sadly it's looking to be an impossible task. Searching for both and scroll