Pebble Child Rattle Selection (Review)

Pebble Child is another amazing children's toy company that I've been following for a whilst now and I couldn't help but place an order. Like Cuddle + Kind, they are toys with a difference and the company works to create sustainable and organic, handmade products. Each purchase also helps a family a long way away, and the Hathay Bunano artisans have regular and flexible employment, providing a chance to give their own children a better life. The products are all fair trade too.
There are so many choices and I think my bank account is just lucky that I don't have my own children yet because I would be getting a whole lot more, like all the fruit and vegetables! I think the entire collection is incredibly cute and super educational as well.

I was actually quite shocked when I received the order because it arrived after 3 days which was ridiculously quick. I actually messaged the company on Instagram in advance to see if it would arrive in time as I was moving 10 days after and they told me to email after placing the order, just in case, but it should. Sure enough, they dispatched the day after ordering and I received it the next day! Whilst it may be a little annoying that they have some products out of stock, it does mean, your order arrives fast!

The toys were all individually packaged in plastic bags and each had their own set of labels. Interestingly, the plastic bag they arrived in is compostable which is great. They are so well made, really high quality and really durable. I also love that they can be put in the washing machine to be cleaned.
I had to get these gorgeous dog teething rattles. I have a couple of friends having babies right now. One is a boy and the other is a surprise so I got a blue and teal (which I class as more of a green/grey). I also picked up a pink one to complete the collection! I love how well made these are and the unique, handcrafted product really shone through. Instead of them all being identical, they are all slightly different which I absolutely love.
For my new niece, I bought her this little sunshine rattle. I'm completely in love and obsessed with her ginger hair and her constant smile, so of course I had to get her a little orange sun. I also associate her with a fox thanks to both her hair and a story from her first night home. For her first Christmas - as I have with all my nieces and nephews - I am getting her a Cuddle + Kind doll. I was going to get her a fox rattle instead but because it didn't match the fox doll, I decided against it.
Finally, I bought this little neutral in white, octopus rattle. It also comes in other colours but I just thought the white one was really cute and would work for a gender neutral gift. I couldn't help but think about my future child and I may even save it for them. Basically I couldn't leave it, so I bought it!
I think it's safe the say, I fell in love with this company through Stacey Solomon and since researching, become more and more in awe. Now that I've bought some, I think they are beautiful gifts and toys. These are perfect for babies and toddlers to young children. Get some!