Cuddle + Kind (Review)

Would you believe that I actually bought these for my niece and nephew a couple of years ago now, for Christmas 2018! I don't often think this, but when it comes to these, time is flying by so fast and I wish when it comes to the kids in my life, time would slow down so I could enjoy them being small for a little longer. 

I absolutely love the message behind Cuddle + Kind. For every Cuddle + Kind doll sold, they give 10 meals to children in need. In fact, when I bought these, they were donating 20 meals per purchase and so the meaning was even more wonderful. You can purchase your own for 20% here
The doll quality is superb. Natural high-quality cotton makes them safe, soft and cuddly. They are all handmade and created in a way to further support communities, made by incredible women artisans in Peru, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income. They each come with a story explaining them and it was lovely to talk this through with the kids, although they didn't particularly understand at the time. I felt it was really worthwhile.

I ended up choosing Willow the Deer and Noah the Dog. It's funny, looking back, I love both these names for my children and Willow is currently my leading baby name and I don't even think I realised at the time. I ended up mainly picking Willow because my niece loves ice-cream and I couldn't think of anything more appropriate than that. Plus, deer's always seem to be bounding with energy and if that's anyone, that's her. Noah on the other hand was bought because my nephew is always so careful and defintely not a dare devil like his older sister. I thought that the fact Noah looked dapper was just perfect. Also, he really loves the pet dog, who was added to the family while my sister was pregnant with him!
One of the best things about the dolls is that they each have a matching picture, although you can mix and match if you want. I personally wanted them to match but I haven't seen them up in my sister's house so I don't think she's used them and they are very expensive for what they are. In all honesty, I had expected for them to come with a frame, rather than just a print.
Overall, the message behind these dolls makes the purchase worthwhile for me. They are really high quality and something I hope my nephew and nieces will love forever. I plan to get these for all of my future nieces and nephews for their first Christmas' as a little bit of a new tradition!

Ps. you can still get these now, but they are low on stock and some are sold out. I believe they will start making them again when it is safe to do so! Don't forget you can get 20% off here