Guess the Gibberish, Barbecues and Working from Home!

I got a little addicted to a new filter and we had to enjoy the sunny weather!
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Although I didn't really mention it in the vlog, we started the weekend off with Fish and Chip Friday from a local business that dad wants to continue to support during the pandemic. It was amazing! The chips were absolutely delicious, as was the fish. I think it is safe to say we will be getting them again. 
I am still getting ready every other day, although I have actually been getting ready more often than not since moving to my dad's. I think the garden is gorgeous and so inviting, meaning I want to go out more, but more importantly, I don't want to give a bad impression to my dad and his girlfriend. Ha! I've not lived with my dad for a long, long time - since I was 12! - so it is defintely a different experience.

I ended up spending the morning getting ready. I showered and got ready, even shaving my legs, which meant I got the opportunity to use my laser hair removal machine which I plan on writing a blog post review on at some point, but I think I will wait for the full 6 months to pass to be honest. That way, I can give my full honest opinion. I even considered dying my hair again, but instead, I've ordered what I meant to order - although not in the colour I wanted sadly.
After going to do the grocery shop at the "local" supermarket, it was lovely weather so I went for a walk around the country. I got to see lots of sheep, and even managed to snap some pictures of the lambs that weren't running away. Ps. by "local" I mean thirty minutes away! I am so not used to living in Wales.
Then it was back to work and university for me. I am currently doing my Research Proposal model and the literature search is very time consuming but so far, I am enjoying it. That doesn't stop my from getting bored though and I ended up spending over half an hour doing the new filter of "Guess the Gibberish". Editing the vlog back, it is so clear to me what some of them are when I listen, but it is totally different when you're reading them. Have you had a go yet? Are you better than me?
I had a couple of meetings on the Tuesday, including my first NMA FB Live. As part of the Isolation Programme we are doing FB Live Q+As with guest speakers. This week's was all about working abroad in Australia upon graduation and it was very interesting. In the afternoon, I had a very in depth tutorial, that for the first time, was incredibly useful. I made lots of notes and got lots of questions answered.. By the end of the 2 hours + I was exhausted and drained. To top things off, I was left in charge of a surprise. Bare in mind, by this point, it was almost 6pm and I was excited for my barbecue, only to be told I was cooking "Sunday lunch" instead. I had planned to in a couple days time, but it was a little more rushed and basic than I would have preferred.
Finally, I got my barbecue a couple days later. I didn't wear makeup and I spent the majority of the day in my pyjamas, but it was such a lovely day, we had to head outside to eat and enjoy the spring evening. I am really glad I did. I can't believe I sat outside, taking pictures of myself with no makeup. This time two years ago, that would never have happened. Probably not even a year ago in all honesty! Anyway, the barbecue was scrummy, and much needed and appreciated. Dad tried to get a little more heat going once the food was cooked and the fresh wood ended up causing just a little
It was a lovely week and this wasn't even all of it! I ended up having to split this vlog into two because I recorded so much! So it will continue into next week's vlog too.