Day in the Life of a Student Midwife During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Beyond Bea and Real Talk!

Ever wondered what a Day in the Life of a Student Midwife is like? What about during the Coronavirus Pandemic?
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The morning started with a yoga workout from the NMA Instagram LIVE of the previous day. To be quite honest, I don't do yoga. I can't do the slow, meaningful mediation like activity but I still try it when I can in hopes of one day finding it helpful and relaxing and not painful and boring. 

I really couldn't be bothered to change out of my gym clothes so instead I let my hair out, popped on some LipSense and set to the rest of the day. I ended up having a very hectic schedule planned, which isn't the normal but nevertheless lots of preparation for the future. 
I began with some training for the Virtual International Day of the Midwife conference. It was a little bit of a last minute addition to the schedule but I thought I could just sit in the background and get to grips with the programme as it was something new to me. In the end, I was the only one on and therefore it was a little bit of a nightmare because I had to stay for the half an hour and interact. Having said that, it did end up being really useful and helpful.

Beyond Bea, a bereavement charity, have just started doing online training courses for 2 hours each and I happily signed up to the very first training and loved it. I'm sharing my full review tomorrow so you can read it here.
Straight after that training, I had to leave a couple minutes before the end to get to my practice run through with VIDM. Thankfully, I'd already had the morning's training because it was very difficult to understand the facilitator and she didn't go into as much detail in regards to the programme itself. It didn't take the full hour so I had a little bit of time to grab some more snacks and then get ready for my next meeting.

One of the additional projects I had decided to be involved in this year was a Student as Change Agents Project called "Tell Us Now, Tell Us Anytime". One of the last aspects I need to do in order to get the credits that contributed to the Nottingham Advantage Award was a presentation. I wasn't too stressed, given that we were all speaking for just 2 minutes each and then answering questions after. By the time it had finished, it only took about 30 minutes total, so it was quite easy going and we got very quick feedback to let us know we'd all passed that aspect, with just the portfolio left to mark (I'd already completed mine).

My last commitment of the day was the MidSoc AGM. In the end, there ended up being like 5 people plus the committee. I was a little disappointed to see the size of the committee positions being advertised but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we didn't end up having much say in it in the end. Nevertheless, I was glad to be able to be apart of it and be able to pass on the information a little.

Finally, I could escape the screen glare of my laptop for the day. My head was really aching by the end of the day and I couldn't wait to get some fresh air, especially since it was such a gorgeous day.
I sometimes forget which account it is that I'm talking to and I ended up going on a little rant on Instagram stories from the NMA Instagram regarding everything going on but it was nice to be open and honest, and whilst speaking, the knitting video I'd been trying to upload for HOURS finally went live! I also think it was partly because I'd been locked up in my room with no one to really talk to for 7 hours.

It was a crazy long day and my headache really dissipate until I took so paracetamol before bed. I somewhat unknowingly, ended up recording so much that I decided to make the day into it's own little vlog!