Health Watch Competition!

The deadline for the HealthWatch Student Prize 2020 has just passed and I entered over a month ago but it's going to be a long process.

This is a competition for critical appraisal of clinical research protocols is now open. The aim of the competition is to test your research skills by asking you to evaluate four hypothetical research protocols and rank them in order of quality.
It was a really interesting competition and completely different to any competition that I've entered. Having now done the theory of my research proposal module, it's defintely not my best work because I've learnt more that I could have put in, but nevertheless.

The results aren't released until September but it's a very strict mark scheme. To get past stage 1, you have to have the right rank and I was somewhat torn between my top two. For stage 2, you have to get 70% when the mark the 600 word explanation, and only do then judges select the winners and highly commended for the prizes.

It was a fairly easy competition to do and once all the reading had been done, it wasn't too time consuming. It was a very easy form to fill in and it was an eye-opening reflective piece. I would defintely recommend any health care degree students taking part, next year.