Vagina Museum (Review)

On my most recent trip to London, following the interview for the SNTA I decided to continue the midwifery themed day by heading to the Vagina Museum. I'd been wanting to go for a while but hadn't quite got around to it just yet, and it seemed like a perfect way to fill in some time. 
The exhibit when I went was "Muff Busters", all about vagina myths and how to fight them: Just under 50% of the world’s population has one. Most of us came into the world through one. Yet vaginas, and the rest of the gynaecological anatomy, are still a taboo subject. The next one which is meant to be on a history of periods so another similar topics and fighting somewhat the taboo topic.
In all honesty, I was a little disappointed by the exhibition. It wasn't very interactive and apart from the one artist model, the rest were really just posters of writing. It was interesting to read but not the best museum experience.

They also had a little shop which had lots of amazing feminist supplies in and it was nice to support them as the proceeds go back into the museum. I would go again, but I like Camden. I wouldn't go all the way to London just to see the museum, but if I was around, I would pop in as it is free and a nice way to spend some time.