"Student Midwife of the Year" SNTA Interview Experience!

The day of the Student Nursing Times Award Interviews had finally arrived. 
Waking up bright and early, the day after a long day shift, started quite the adventure. My shift the day before had ended up finishing almost an hour late and I was exhausted. I had been busy busy, and I just needed to sit down, eat and sleep when I got back. Instead of finishing my portfolio the night before, I ended up setting my alarm for 5am and writing it in the morning. Then packing and attempting to print it. After 20 minutes of failed attempts, I skipped breakfast and raced to the Medical School in an Uber. There I headed to the library to quickly print before going to the Tram to get to the train station. I thought I would only just make it but I did end up getting there about 15 minutes early and it arrived late anyway. Luckily, that meant I had time for breakfast at least. 

Being shortlisted for the award felt amazing and despite having an "interview" to decide the winner, I never once felt nervous. I was excited which is not how I normally go into interviews!

I was able to meet and speak to some of the other shortlisted individuals which was great. One nurse had such a supportive pair of teachers with him and the way they spoke about him, with such empathy and so proud, was really inspiring. I haven't heard of any of the other students entries but from hearing what he has done for the university, I don't know how anyone can compete. We really are in a world filled with truly inspiring people. I am always amazed when I have the privilege of hearing their stories and I only wish their were more opportunities for people to network. 

The interview was so relaxed. The entire panel made me feel so welcome and it felt like they truly expressed an interest in what I had to say and share. It was actually a really lovely experience to sit and talk to them. I laughed, I cried and I shared my heart. I wasn't expecting one of the questions and it really took me for a moment, but thankfully the compassion of the panel put me at ease and gave me the confidence to continue. 

I'm not entirely sure how much I am actually allowed to share about the process because the awards celebration event has been delayed until November, therefore it is probably best if I don't share the rest until after the process is finished.