James Blunt and Ward Thomas (Concert Review)

Who would have thought that my first concert in 2 years would be listening to one of my favourite singers growing up, James Blunt with Ward Thomas supporting. I feel like a lot of people no longer listen to James Blunt and I have had numerous people tell me they didn't know he was still around, but with hilarious tweets and a new CD released last year, I was very excited to see him in person.
Click on the links to watch the concert videos, but as usual they are more for my benefit that anyone else's.

Ward Thomas was a new to me sister-duo. They spoke very softly and didn't interact too much with the audience. At first I thought they weren't going to at all but eventually they did which I thought was good. Although, very obviously it was dominated by the blonde sister. I do think it was really sweet that they sang together.

Despite never hearing of them before, I actually recognised most the songs they did. They were very beautiful and almost acoustic versions. They sang a number of covers and I really liked all the artists, so I do think they are from a music genre I enjoy.
They also were invited back out onto the stage to join James Blunt about half way through the show to sing a duet. It was lovely to hear a different perspective to their talents and I think that was defintely their best song. Perhaps, it was simply because James filled them with a little more confidence or the fact that the audience was more supportive. Also, they were standing up instead of sitting down so query freedom. It was also interesting, because this time the dark haired sister seemed to take more of the bigger role which was the opposite to what had happened during their set. I feel awful that I don't know their names!
Onto the one and only, James Blunt. His opening was amazing. I absolutely loved it! I often think it is quite difficult for solo artists to make an epic entry but with a pink backlit screen, he walked slowly across the stage, with a guitar slung across his back, singing softly. It was the perfect entrance.
From there on, it was amazing. James is such a talent. His voice is raw and honest. He can play seemingly every instrument going...but it isn't what he plays, it's the way he plays. Instead of sitting at a piano, he throws the chair away and stands with passion. It was beautiful to see.

He's also funny. In between songs he would share stories and my favourite was about people thinking the songs were romantic but really they're depressing etc. I think you had to be there to get it! Like when I saw Ed Sheeran, I'm always amazed at how single artists have the power to hold the audience and James sure did that with mine the entire time.

And before he left, the entire band took to the stage to bow.