Farm Walks, Knitting and Fancy Lock Down Meals!

Following a week of self-isolation, the government announced lock down. Here's how I spent my first two weeks! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

For me, it's hard not to be lazy during lock down but I have been very busy working on my university work and trying to tie up all my loose ends and gets things ticked off my never-ending list of jobs to do. Luckily, the amazing Sports Secretary at the Nursing and Midwifery Association, has been doing Instagram LIVE Workouts on our Instagram at 1pm on Thursday's and I had to show my support for the first one. Emily is definitely a lot fitter than I am, and it truly showed how unfit I am following the lack of gym this year. 
Mum's decided that since we can't go out for a nice meal, instead once a week we are going to have a formal meal and play board games and watch a film together. I love any excuse to get dressed up with fancy make up and also love board games so I jumped at the opportunity.
I am very privileged to live on a farm and I know it. It's so nice to be able to take Holly for a walk and see the pigs as I go.

Vicki turned 21 and if any one in the house would be sad to turn 21 in lock down it would be her. I was a little worried she wouldn't take it very well but we had an online party and she seemed in really good spirits to be honest so that was a good sign!
I managed to tick off a couple of projects straight away. My knitted baby hat was so rewarding to make and I am going to post a how to shortly! Then, I'd been meaning to decorate my medal, since the SNTA interviews and finally go around to it. More on that here.
Another celebration that I was really sad to miss out on was my first one-year anniversary with Luke. If this lock down has taught me anything, it's that he is one of my biggest supports. Mum treated me to an M+S meal with my craved Mac N Cheese Bites, Pizza with Ham and Chocolate Muffins. It was lovely to spend the morning talking to Luke and opening each other's presents. I am so thankful for all the technology we have available nowadays. I honestly don't know how we'd cope with it all.
 I've actually been really loving sharing more on Hannah's Lips UK again and that side of my business. I have been loving wearing all my LipSense shades and I think it's a great opportunity to wear the bolder ones I don't particularly want to wear outside of the house.
The end of a busy three weeks in all honesty!